How to install windows 8 pdf download

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PDF Reader for Windows 8

how to install windows 8 pdf download

It moves away from the traditional interface to a completely new interface known as Metro User Interface. The familiar start menu is now gone. Icons and windows are replaced with live tiles and magazine styled interface. Unlike any previous versions, Windows 8 and its variation RT works across multiple architectures and has been optimized for touch screen. This step-by-step guide demonstrates how to install Microsoft Windows 8 Professional.

You can follow this guide if you have Windows 8 basic edition or any other version as the steps are very similar. The best way to install Windows 8 is to do a clean install.

Before you start the installation process I recommend that you check Windows 8 System Requirements to ensure that your hardware is supported by Windows 8.

Windows 8 Professional DVD is bootable. In order to boot from the DVD you need to set the boot sequence. Windows 8 will start to boot up and you will get the following screen with a rotating progress bar. Step 2 – The next screen allows you to setup your language, time and currency format, keyboard or input method.

Choose your required settings and click next to continue. Step 3 – The next screen allows you to install or repair Windows 8. Since we are doing a clean install we will click on “install now”. Step 4 – The setup process starts as shown. Step 5 – At this stage you need to type your product key that came with your copy of Windows 8. Click next once you have entered the product key correctly.

Step 6 – Read the license terms and tick I accept license terms. Then click next to continue. Step 7 – Choose the type of installation you want. Since you are doing a clean install you need to click on custom. Step 8 – Choose where you would like to install Windows 8. If you have one hard drive you will get an option similar to the image below.

You can click next to continue then go to step If you have more than one drive or partition then you need to select the appropriate drive and click next. At this stage you can go to step If you want to partition a large drive then do not click next. Go to step 9. Step 9 – If you want to partition an existing drive then click new. Choose the size of the partition and click apply.

Step 10 – Click OK to create the partition. Windows will create additional system partition which you don’t have to worry about.

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Download the Windows upgrade offering from your WebStore. Select Install now on the screen that opens once the download is complete. HP recommends installing the bit version of Windows 8 for desktop computers . US/windows-8/feature-packs to download Windows Media Center or.

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