Idle Fishing Story v1.96.13 MOD APK (Unlock Costume) Download

Idle Fishing Story will take you everywhere, crossing from ocean to ocean to win convincingly in the open fishing tournament. This is one of the simulation games widely sought after by fans because of its exciting features worth exploring. Better yet, with the captain’s task, let’s immerse yourself in the heat of this great tournament, and this is also the time when you assert your own intelligence.

Idle Fishing Story


Idle Fishing Story is an interesting super product that you should experiment with and give valuable lessons for yourself. Have you ever thought of one day becoming a talented captain? Come to this fascinating game and come up with the best solutions to conquer the challenges posed in the game. Coming to the game this time, players will be participating in the world championship fishing tournament.

First, you need to prepare yourself for a perfect boat that can cross the vast sea. Know the rules set by the organizers to follow and win prizes. Players will have the opportunity to meet hundreds of different sailors, and they are their own competitors. I learned more from their boat arrangements, and from there, I securely arranged the objects on the boat.

Idle Fishing Story Idle Fishing Story


The Idle Fishing Story expansion fishing competition does not consider winning much fish, but it sets an entirely new goal. There will be many small rounds, each round, and the organizers will give players a challenge with a time of 1 day to catch each particular type of fish. More interestingly, if the challenge is not guaranteed, it will be eliminated from that round. You should calm down and develop your ability as a Captain. Use the fish species map to review and make decisions in your favor.

Idle Fishing Story Idle Fishing Story


Everyone wants to be one of the lucky ones to hold this influential trophy. But keeping the trophy has to go through many different tough challenges that even players can’t imagine. It is unique when Idle Fishing Story will let us explore all the boundless and vast oceans. The organizers will reward each challenge you overcome with different valuable items. Try to conquer this biggest tournament in the world and bring victory to yourself.