Idle Shop Manager v1.3.3 MOD APK (Free Rewards) Download

Idle Shop Manager was released by Bling Bling Games GmbH. If you like to be a splendid shop owner, you like to be a successful businessman; if you want to make a few hundred dollars within a day or even a day, this game is born for you. This game is integrated with many intelligent features, along with a series of sounds, vivid colors, attractive.

Idle Shop Manager


Coming to this game, you can become the owner of a store or chain of stores so that you can get rich from your real money. With a wide variety of items, more than 200 items with many unique and diverse designs, giving you the freedom to choose the right items for your home. The higher you go, the more money you earn, and you can expand your scale, maybe 4, 5, even a few dozen stores, depending on your preferences and abilities. The game will gradually increase in different levels; the more you expand the chain of stores, the more challenges you will face with increasing difficulty.

Idle Shop Manager Idle Shop Manager


The game is designed to be simple, developed from low to high, from easy to difficult for players to get used to the pace of the game series. In fact, this game is suitable for all ages because of its diverse graphics, simple gameplay, smart interface. After finishing a level, you will receive a bonus from the game, which is available, and your effort when selling goods. After a while, you can also test your business talent by reaching the game’s difficulty levels, thereby earning business cases where the amount of money can be several thousand dollars. It makes people more enthusiastic about their business.


Through each level, Idle Shop Manager will reward you with an amount of money to make capital and make a profit to stimulate your passion for trading and expand your stall. The higher you go, the more customers you will receive, so your bonus will increase. However, food will be more and more expensive day by day, so you also need to consider the issue of importing food. Your income will come from two different sources that are from the game and from your customers. The higher you go, the more money you have, from which you can become the boss of a chain of stores admired by many people. Indeed this is a business where the profit always belongs to you.


In this series of games, you can play without using the Internet, can play anytime, anywhere that makes your profits increase whenever in any situation. Especially in Idle Shop Manager, no end makes players discover more new stalls creating goods that no one has yet owned. What is extremely special is that this game also integrates English, funny sounds that make you feel like you are the boss in real life. For this series of games, you can download it entirely for free, and this must be a lucrative business, so pick up the phone to be a boss with a considerable fortune.