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idm premium

By features, it beats any download manager by unmeasurable margins. However, here are a lot of small features that are not included in the main feature list either. In this article, we will be picking up such small features that will make your download experience much better. If yes, then the hassle to add all the files to the manager and downloading them one by one is already known to you.

IDM makes this task easy for you. All you have to do is tell it when to do so. The scheduler is the most important and useful feature that makes IDM an excellent download manager that the rest. On the menu, you will see two tabs. One is for creating the time rules for the download start and finish. The other one is to control the number of files to be downloaded simultaneously. You can create your schedules and name them accordingly.

IDM can automatically start downloads in a queue at specified time and days. Also, IDM can automatically disconnect the internet connection and shut down your PC once the status of the download queue is complete. Less Priority files can be scheduled for later downloading. Yes, now you do not have to worry about other applications that leech the bandwidth and leave your downloads with poor speed.

The latest version of IDM supports a maximum of 32 connections made to the same server to download a single file. This utilizes the available bandwidth very well, and the benefit of people with a shared network is huge. How to do so? Select the type of your connection and then select the desired number. Number of connections made depends totally on the download server.

If the download server does not support multiple connections, only 1 connection will be made. Caution Selecting 32 connections may disrupt internet speed of other users in the same network. Also, note that there might be performance issues on lower end systems as the number of connections is increased.

Hence, if you encounter such things, just lower down the connections. Virus Scan after Download This is an issue that troubles all of us. So why not end it before it can even begin. Upon the completion of the download, IDM can automatically initiate a scan of the downloaded files with Antivirus Program installed on your System.

This is the safest way to handle external files from web and ensure that your system is safe from all threats. Now all you have to do is browse and select the. Almost every time we skip this setting as the requirement of internet access is done by Windows default functionality or an application interface provided by your ISP.

Do remember to check on Save Password. If you have a direct internet connection then Dial Up is not applicable for you but still, a VPN can be configured if already in use. Benefits Downloads will not be interrupted if your internet is dropped for some reason. IDM will auto reconnect the connection and resume interrupted downloads. Hence the process is totally unattended. It has a major role in Scheduling downloads. We will discuss this part later on.

Advanced download managers like IDM download files in many chunks and they are initially stored in the temp folder. Once the download is complete, the fragments are combined to form the original file at selected download location.

Once the final file is created, IDM deletes the temporary files. So, if you are trying to download a big file of say 15 GB in D drive which has ample of space but your C Drive has lesser than that, you will get an error message and download will not be possible. The Same concept is also applicable for smaller but cumulative and simultaneously downloaded files. Also you can change the default download location from this panel.

Please note that you should not select location on different hard drives. It may result in slower compilation upon download completion. This might happen due to different hard drive transfer speeds. Limiting Download Speed If you have an urgent task like browsing the internet while IDM is downloading files for you, its bit natural to get slower browsing speed. If you do not want to stop the download completely, restricting the speed is the best choice at hand.

This method can be used permanently on your downloads, but the best usage scenario is for urgent tasks. To restrict the download speed of an individual file, open its Progress Window and select the option to limit speed. You have the choice to choose a limiting speed as desired.

Download from Premium Websites This option is not of much help these days to the majority, but it still is worth a mention. If you use premium file servers, you can use their credential in IDM, and it can directly download files from the servers. There is no need for you to use the web browser for the same.

This feature is a great relief while bulk downloading from premium file servers. Now you can add the site address and your credentials. This feature can be used for multiple purposes. Any site that requires your login details for file download can be added here. All you need to do is copy a link that you want to download. This link can be present anywhere in Windows be it a browser or a text file.

All you need to do is that after copying the link, open IDM. You also have the option to specify login credentials if required to download the files. Well, doing so is convenient as it saves time.

This might be a problem when you are trying to download from a site that does not allow download managers. How to stop IDM from intercepting these downloads? By default, you can hold the ALT key and click on the link to let your browser download the file. This case is only handy when such sites are already known to you.

Now add known sites to the exception list. Another way to do this is just clicking the Heading tabs in the Download list. Searching Downloaded Files If you have a lot of downloaded files searching them might be an issue at a later stage. IDM provides a simple solution to find your files. This brings up the console for search. IDM probably is not the best software if you are looking for a modern interface. In this case, looks are always shadowed by the features.

That is what we want. Still, it is always better to try something new visually. Are you also bored with the interface? Below is the solution just for you. This option will redirect you to their web page consisting of all the available icon packs. Follow the instructions below to apply the one you like. Download the icon pack zip file. Navigate to IDM installation location. By default it is C: Once you are in the location above, search for Toolbar Folder.

Now you have to extract the contents of the downloaded icon pack zip file here. Restart IDM. This time you will see the new Icon Pack name on the list. Just select it, and the change takes place immediately. Bottomline Mentioned above are the features that help everyone. Found a tweak of your own? Do share it with us. Related Posts:

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