Infinite Design v3.5.1 APK + MOD (Unlocked Premium) Download for Android

Infinite Design (MOD, Unlocked Premium) is a drawing tool with a full range of tools to take great photos and is suitable for those who work in digital drawing.

Infinite Design is a dedicated painting application for smartphones or tablets. The Infinite Studio Mobile house releases this application. Currently, the latest version is 3.4.21, updated October 29, 2020. If you love graphics or are gifted with it, this is an excellent app for you, especially for design jobs. Because this is an application that allows users to design graphics, helping you create professional and beautiful designs. This application is too useful, right? It unleashes your passion for creating beautiful lines and helps you in future career orientation, creating an environment for you to practice conveniently. Let’s go find out more about the value of this special application!



Infinite Design integrates useful features, allowing you to adjust your works easily but still highly artistic. The most essential thing you need to use is object alignment. You are free to adjust your photos for an aesthetically-pleasing composition. With the basic pictures and the tools available, you can turn them into pictures complete and true to the nature that art offers.

A unique feature that the application brings to users is the 3D painting through the built-in tutorials and the support of the Cityscapes 3D tool. You can use tools that support several features, such as zoom, rotate left, rotate right, to get the picture you want. Besides, the application also gives you endless path modifications, unlimited classes, undo, and undo previous steps. These tools are generally enough to help you create a perfect picture.



About effects, this application has brought satisfaction to the user with the ability to add text and insert appropriate effects—basic types of effects such as blur, shadow, … with different types of pens. The support tools are carefully designed and detailed, especially the feature of tight text insertion. Thereby, users can add text to the image, adjust the title, size, insert effects… to create a picture more vivid, personality, and distinctive.

About operation, the app is said to work stably on most mobile devices. This opens up many opportunities for users to be involved. Using it is not too difficult because the application has created function buttons on the screen. From there, users can manipulate quickly, smoothly, and smoothly. Zooming in or out, rotating the direction, or moving the device’s drawings will no longer be a problem, but users can do it very quickly.



The application interface is designed with dark gray tones. The color tone creates more professionalism and refinement than usual while still retaining clarity. Users can easily distinguish the differences of the features based on the available icons and their different uses. For advanced users, for faster operation, can move commonly used tools up the top bar. The great thing about the app, too, is the ability to edit photos from various sources. You need to select the photos you want to edit, then add, insert text, effects or resize as you like. Application contributes to the creation of beautiful, new and deep art.



The application has attractive features, such as; Vector graphic design with professionally designed drawings; Drawings that can be enlarged; Unique layer effect with five symmetrical positions. Simultaneously, the application features Infinite undo, redo to help you go back to the previous steps. This gives you the freedom to repair without worrying about losing your work or wasting time with the original fix. Users can draw faster thanks to the relative menu.

With a mobile phone, you can easily install apps through google play about how to download the app. Or if you do not have a mobile phone, but you still want to experience this application, there is a way, and you just need to download the Bluestacks support software.
Curious about the value and usage of the app? Or do you wish to create stunning drawings? Let’s download this application to your mobile device to create and imagine creating masterpieces of art freely!