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People frequently install trial versions of programs to try them out, lucky iobit uninstaller code get the chance to serve you, but the others, they have to go. OK, problems here: Many application programs leave unwanted traces of themselves on a hard drive after being uninstalled. So if you install and uninstall lots iobit uninstaller code programs, you end up with a mass of unwanted and unused files that eat up system resources.

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iobit uninstaller code

Especially for someone like me, that frequently install random programs for review. And my favorite uninstall tool is IObit Uninstaller. When you uninstall a program normally, components can be left behind that slows down your computer. This makes IObit Uninstaller a valuable tool to have around when you need to purge unwanted programs. Introducing IObit Uninstaller Free IObit Uninstaller Free can, not only remove unwanted programs, but also automatically clean up its associated plugins, components, and bundleware.

More specifically, it removes all residual files and registry entries of an unwanted program, leaving no junk behind. Furthermore, IObit Uninstaller Free can list all toolbars installed on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, mark out the malicious ones and allow you to remove them quickly. It can also keep critical programs up to date for you. It can remove stubborn programs, malicious software and advertising plug-ins.

As well as auto clean leftovers that cannot be deleted by other utilities. Programs are occasionally bundled with other software, that are almost impossible to get rid of using the Windows uninstaller alone. IObit Uninstaller Pro can get rid of bundled programs and plug-ins while uninstalling the main program.

Apart from the neatly presented list of installed programs, you can uninstall a program from the desktop or any other folder without having to open IObit Uninstaller first thanks to its Explorer right-click context menu integration and Easy Uninstall feature.

Uninstall an Unwanted Program To uninstall a program using IObit Uninstaller is easy, find the unwanted program in the programs list and click on the green bin icon to the right. Or to uninstall a batch of programs, select all unwanted programs using the check boxes and click the Uninstall button in the top-right corner. IObit Uninstaller will uninstall an unwanted program and then do a residual scan for related files and Registry entries. Files that could not be removed because Windows was running will be scheduled to be removed when you restart your computer.

The batch uninstall feature, saves you from running each uninstall wizard one by one. Also, during a batch uninstall, the residual file and registry scan is launched only when all the programs have been removed.

This is a much more efficient way to uninstall a bunch of programs. Ultimately, saving a lot of time and frustration. To quickly uninstall an unwanted program, right-click on its desktop shortcut and choose Powerful Uninstall, drag and drop it onto the IObit Uninstaller shortcut icon or interface. If you accidentally install bundleware, IObit Uninstaller will warn you and allow you to remove it. Furthermore, even if you for some reason decide to uninstall a program with another uninstall tool, IObit Uninstaller detects this and prompts you to remove left over junk after an uninstall.

The Interface Finding your way around IObit Uninstaller is easy enough with minimal distractions from the task at hand. Using the left-hand navigation, you can sort the program list according to Recently Installed, Large Programs, Infrequently Used Programs and Bundleware.

As a result, it is easy to find junk programs to uninstall. To research and find more information on an installed program before uninstalling it, right-clicking on the program and choose to Find the program in Windows Explorer, open it in the Regedit, or search for it online with Google.

Uninstall Windows 10 Apps Windows 10 installs many useless apps by default. Moreover, it seems like a new set of useless apps are installed automatically with every major update. Not to mention, all the apps you might have installed and forgot about. Luckily, IObit Uninstaller can uninstall default and 3rd party Windows 10 apps to free up space for better performance. There are many tutorials on how to do this, but none of them is as easy as with IObit Uninstaller.

However, be careful when using this feature, for some Windows 10 apps cannot be re-installed without much effort. For example, the Microsoft Store app. And in turn, you need this app to install other Windows 10 apps. You can find it to the right of the title bar. Just click on the little toolbox icon to access the various tools.

Easy Uninstall The Easy Uninstall feature is a green target icon that you can drop onto a program to uninstall it. Click on it to reveal a floating target icon on your desktop.

Or click Open File Location to learn more about where the program is installed. Using it is easy; open Force Uninstall from the Tools menu and drag any shortcut or file related to the unwanted program into the Force Uninstall window. Now, let IObit Uninstaller scan the computer for anything related to that file or shortcut.

When it finds any traces of the program, it removes it. Cleanup Residual With the residual cleaner you can remove invalid shortcuts from the start menu and desktop, clean cache from installed patches, and clean out download folders. However, be careful when using the last option, check that the files in the download folders are useless. Uninstalled History Uninstalled History not only shows you previously uninstalled programs, but also allow you to remove all residual files if any are left behind.

File Shredder The File Shredder helps you remove unwanted files safely and permanently. Please note that files removed using the File Shredder will be gone forever, and it is unlikely that a data recovery program can retrieve them. You can use the File Shredder to remove any files, not just residual files after an uninstall. There are a few annoyances, but it performs its core function beautifully and this makes its shortcomings tolerable. Easy to install and use. Good looking and functional interface.

Batch Uninstalls to save time. Can remove bundled software, extensions and plug-ins. Supports removing Windows Updates. Forced uninstall for corrupt installs. Uninstalls default Windows 10 apps. Many time saving methods to uninstall a program. Cannot remove invalid entries from the list of installed programs. The installer might as to install other software during setup Dashlane Password Manager. Unrelated bundleware are sometimes detected. Action Center should be called Advertising Center.

It would be nice to have a native portable version. Downloads and Giveaway To get your free 6 month subscription to IObit Uninstaller 8, simply download the self-extracting package below and look for the license. To activate your free pro license, copy the activation code from the license. Now enjoy IObit Uninstaller for 6 months.

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