Iphone 5c frozen

Resetting is different from restarting the iphone 5c frozen because the device does not fully power down when simply restarting. If the iPhone continues to hang iphone 5c frozen when you turn it on, the phone can be fixed by entering recovery mode, or DFU mode, and performing a restore. Restoring an iPhone clears all of the saved data and apps on the device. How to Reset or Reboot a Frozen iPhone 1.

Top 10 Ways You Must Know to Reboot a Frozen or Hung iPhone

iphone 5c frozen

The iPhone was bought in less than half year, it should have worked for at least another year. Hence, I would rather have a try all by myself than leave the iPhone lying in the drawer. I have been searching the solutions of fixing iPhone stuck at Apple logo in the whole past week, and I finally got my iPhone out of Apple logo reboot loop without restoring or any data loss.

Usually there are at least 6 situations that lead an iPad, iPhone or iPod stuck on Apple logo: In Situation 5, you may need to try to disable or even uninstall the antivirus software, use another USB cable or USB port respectively to let the update or restore work properly so as to get the iPod, iPad and iPhone stuck on Apple screen out of reboot loop. In the tutorial, the following 5 methods to fix iPod, iPhone and iPad stuck on Apple screen only work for devices that have software issues instead of hardware problems, just as mentioned in Situation 1 to Situation 4.

The 5 ways of getting iPod, iPhone and iPad frozen on apple logo out of reboot loop works for almost all the iPod, iPhone and iPad models. If the force restarting works, the iPhone, iPad or iPod stuck at Apple logo should go back to the normal state again. If neither of the common restart and force restarting works, jump to the next method.

Here are the steps: Release the Volume Up button until you see the Home screen. You can also follow the instructions in the video tutorial to fix your iPhone, iPad and iPod stuck on Apple screen without restoring: Just follow the steps: Run iTunes on your computer.

So far, the device enters the recovery mode successfully. When the update finishes, set up your device. Fix iPod, iPad and iPhone frozen on Apple logo in DFU mode Different from restore in recovery mode, in the DFU mode restore, every bit of the codes that control both the software and the hardware will be erased and reloaded instead of only the software as in recovery mode.

Thus, think twice before you decide to restore in DFU mode. Open iTunes on your PC or Mac. Release the Home button. After the DUF mode restore, your device shall work normally as usual. In addition, any problems of the hardware may cause the failure of the restore. My iPhone 6s was saved successfully from the Apple logo loop using this method.

Therefore, this method is highly recommended. In addition to fixing iPod, iPad and iPhone stuck on Apple logo without restoring, this feature can also be used to get iOS devices out of recovery mode loop, DFU mode, headphone mode, iTunes logo, black screen, white screen, boot loop and more.

While using the iOS System Recovery to get your device out of Apple logo loop, there is no need to put the device into any complicated recovery mode or DFU mode. Download for Windows or for Mac and install the iPhone file recovery tool on your computer. Connect your device to the computer with the USB cable that you use to back up your device. Launch the iPhone recovery software. The software automatically download the iOS software and fix the device.

You device goes back to normal mode. At this point, the iPod, iPad and iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue has been fixed completely. Please note that, after the Apple screen reboot loop fix, the software on your device will be updated to the latest version. If you have unlocked or jailbroken the device previously, after the fix, the device will go back to locked or non-jailbroken status, just as the state when you bought it, except that all the content and settings are reserved.

As for the iOS data recovery tool, besides fixing iOS to normal, there are also many other features waiting for you to explore: It would be very much appreciated if you could leave your queries, ideas, or suggestions about fixing iPod, iPhone and iPad stuck on Apple screen in the comment section below.

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We can all agree about one thing – iPhone 5s is a great mobile device. We prepared several solutions you should check out, 5 ways to fix frozen iPhone 5s, and we are sure the unresponsive phone will be back to normal. In order to restart your iPhone 5s, press and hold the sleep. Here’s how to restart your iPhone 5c if it is unresponsive, frozen or won’t power on or off.

VIDEO: Iphone 5c Frozen

If your iPhone is frozen, don’t despair–we’ve got some potential fixes for you If your iPhone has become so unresponsive that even the Home button does not. If your iPhone is frozen or stuck on the Apple logo screen, don’t despair. button (or Volume down on an iPhone 7) for another 5 seconds.

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