Junkyard Builder Simulator v1.24 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Junkyard Builder Simulator is a game for players to experience collecting scraps and recycling things to their original state. They can then trade the parts for a lower price and continuously maintain the business to build one of the largest and most prosperous junkyards. Of course, the game also applies a tycoon system, where the player changes or manages all activities related to scrap recycling and more.

Junkyard Builder Simulator


The first impression of Junkyard Builder Simulator is its vibrant and interactive 3D graphics, allowing players to move around and work efficiently through a third-person perspective. Next is an entertaining physics system that makes it easy for players to arrange objects or assemble parts compared to point-n-click genres. On top of that, the variety of resources and parts will give players a new experience, making them more creative and flexible when recycling parts with a unique beauty to them.


The player’s main job in this game is to recycle everything and resell it for more maintenance funding. However, they need to choose appropriate targets to be economically met and resell more profitable than the original price. The game will also introduce more impressive mechanics for players to find potential scraps, allowing them to shop for missing parts, thereby refurbishing and customizing them to bring them to life.

Junkyard Builder Simulator

In addition to the customization system, players can also manage many parts and areas in the junkyard, including shopping or upgrading new machines to work more efficiently. Each assistive machine will help players move heavy objects, and they can directly control everything through many perspectives to immerse themselves in the scrap recycling business. Each system has impressive points, greatly enhancing gameplay value and giving players plenty of exploration for junkyard work.


Junkyard Builder Simulator will also give players a lot of entertainment by holding many container auction events with random rewards. Almost all customers are real players, and they can generate huge revenue by taking advantage of the rewards in the auction boxes. The auction system is the true gem of gameplay, and sometimes players can find treasures far beyond the original price to buy a container. In other words, thanks to the player’s ability to recycle, they can turn waste into valuable items and sell them at a bargain price to maintain the junkyard and its facilities.

Junkyard Builder Simulator


Besides the recycling mechanism, the Junkyard Builder Simulator gives players the freedom to design or expand their scrap yard to new heights. Each upgrade option has various impressive and attractive performances, allowing players to improve their income or access new technologies in scrap recycling. Moreover, some special functions will be unlocked, giving players more experience and entertainment when continuously taking care of and managing their scrap yard.

Junkyard Builder Simulator

Junkyard Builder Simulator is a simple yet entertaining and engaging game for those who want to explore the work of managing a junkyard and recycling discarded items. It also has many more outstanding and fun activities, giving the player a lot to explore for this job and more.