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Idle Law Firm will be one of the cult products that players will receive enthusiastically. This is an exciting simulation game, and players will experience a relatively new field that is Law. Will the player be able to take on the task of establishing a law firm as well as taking over? The answer will be immediately in the game, try this new profession and come up with the most reasonable solutions.

Idle Law Firm: Justice Empire Idle Law Firm: Justice Empire


Have you ever thought of becoming a famous lawyer? Or do you want to open a small law firm? If not, then choose Idle Law Firm right away to see the exciting things that you have never experienced. This unique game has a distinct impression that creates a harmonious picture between everyday life and the form of play. It will be more interesting if you are one of the main characters of a beautiful country like this.

Idle Law Firm: Justice Empire Idle Law Firm: Justice Empire

Players will be tasked with establishing and co-taking the job at the Law firm. Let’s have a meeting with senior staff to find new employees to promote the company’s development. Need the help of genuine lawyers, excellent and potential lawyers. You have the right to lead and regulate, so always keep a serious work attitude, deliver each project or prepare the necessary documents.


Your law firm covers all matters from criminal, civil to business. Every day, Idle Law Firm receives different cases, and this is the time for you to promote your management capacity by dividing the work evenly among departments. You should set up an excellent working regime between offices in the company so that if any office makes a mark, it will reward or increase salary.

Idle Law Firm: Justice Empire Idle Law Firm: Justice Empire


Idle Law Firm will teach you how to coordinate work to create a winning company properly. In addition to the customer service factor, you need to pay attention to employees’ benefits by setting salary criteria or paying attention to employees’ daily lives. Build more large offices to expand the scale and increase prestige for customers. Complete the tasks that the game sets excellently to create great buzz for the company.