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BitLife – Life Simulator (MOD APK, Bitizenship/God Mode) is a life simulator with interactive choices for players to build a life from young to old in many different directions.

Live the life you want with BitLife – Life Simulator. There are times when you want to live differently from your current life but have not dared to try. Don’t worry; you can experience it for yourself to see how the life you’ve always dreamed of really is. BitLife is a unique simulation game, helping you to have authentic experiences of life that you have never had the opportunity to touch.


It is really what makes the success of BitLife – Life Simulator. At the start of the game, you will be given a choice of “A Random Life” or “A Specific Life.” Accordingly, you can choose the country you were born in, family status, gender,… Those choices will, of course, significantly affect your future. For example, if you were born in the US, it will be very different in Vietnam, from culture to economic issues, work, marriage…

Decisions in each age affect the future. When you were young, you decided to study hard, read a lot of books; then, when you grow up, you will have the opportunity to find a job with a higher income. Or people who go to the gym will have much better health than those who choose a leisurely life. Of course, there will be unexpected luck or disaster, which you can’t prepare for, but it won’t be much.


In BitLife – Life Simulator, you have the right to choose any profession, from a business person, office worker, artist, farmer, … or even a drug addict, a wanted criminal. Depending on each person’s wishes, all are worthy of the experience. But the point here is that you have to try for the job you choose. For example, as a singer, you have to spend time learning vocals; as an entrepreneur, you have to know how to invest,… No matter what your family situation is, success must really be built by you.

But don’t worry too much about this, because you have the right to live many different lives. Your number of lives is unlimited. So if you’re really stuck, choose a new character and start over. However, try to be the most responsible for the character you create and bring it to the end of your life to test past choices. That really helps you a lot in your real life.


You will live life from birth to death. You will also eat, live, study, play sports, get married, work, and even die. So your quality of life is also assessed through obvious criteria of happiness, physical health, mental health, economy, and appearance. Use these five indicators to regulate your life.

Whatever your job, be sure to balance these 5 metrics. For example, if you spend too much time at work, the economic index will be high, but the health index will be evil. This leads to a series of diseases that will come; you will even die at a very young age. Or if you focus too much on appearance but neglect making money, your life will be tough; poverty will come, family life will be in trouble. Eventually, your character will look extremely bad.


Good luck or bad luck will come to you at any time that you cannot anticipate. It sometimes makes your character’s life change faster than the way your ex turned around. Just imagine, when you spent your entire youth studying and trying, at the beginning of success, an incurable disease came, and you died inexplicably. It’s really ridiculous, but that’s part of the life that BitLife – Life Simulator wants to convey to you.


It’s an interesting detail and appeals to many players. With that said, you can absolutely choose a life of indulgence. You have the right to find a lover in your teens, even further if you can afford to seduce them. If you don’t have enough knowledge, you can become a parent right at school age. One-night stands, drug use, or gambling… are all things you can participate in if it’s legal in your country.


Although it is a game, BitLife – Life Simulator will bring you many experiences and valuable lessons. You can examine the decisions you make when you’re young and see how it affects your future. Or try to experience any profession (Entrepreneur, teacher, singer, … ), go through its difficulties and achievements, to see if you are really suitable. Of course, not all are true to reality, but it will undoubtedly help you a lot in your life.