Lords Mobile v2.64 MOD APK + OBB (Auto Battle/VIP 15) Download

Lords Mobile (MOD, Auto Battle/VIP 15) is a role-playing game full of potential and gives players the refreshing feeling of conquering countless empires or legendary monsters.

Do you want to fulfill your dream of becoming a god, a general who can lead the country to victory in every war and be independent? You are a hero who can rebuild and unify nations after the real emperor falls. Start your new world right now, do not hesitate any longer without quickly installing Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars. This is a viral game nowadays and is loved by a lot of people to play.

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When participating in Lords Mobile, you get lost in the world of beautiful kingdoms and become a hero there. It happened explicitly that during the war, the emperor was really unable to resist and left. In the meantime, there is a need for a hero who can save the world and build kingdoms into a unified body. You have the right to choose and find heroes from many different places, environments, and positions. Such as being mermaids, dwarves, tall people, robots, … and form a squad in the army. In this magical world, fight heroically and conquer enemies to create a new universe for you.

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Coming to this world, you will not only fight, but you also need to know how to build huge buildings, build factories for people’s activities, or build a secret army base and rigorously train them. Besides, your heroes who always perform and complete tasks well will be rewarded and promoted. From there, put your Kingdom on new development and can be more prosperous than ever.

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In Lords Mobile, you have to learn how to use and gather troops effectively and adequately. You have the right to choose from different types of units and formations. You can fight the way you want in the game Lords Mobile. Of course, you have to set up for your troops a purpose, a distinct fighting style. Besides, you think and create innovative battle policies and plans that will quickly destroy the enemy. Take advantage of your team’s advantages, associate with the appropriate heroes to join together bravely face the enemy, and quickly win victory.

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In this beautiful country, there are always brave, strong, and resilient heroes waiting for you. You create a powerful force of 5 to 6 people to participate in battles on all fronts with the enemy. It would help if you created your own campaign to select the healthiest and most likely to join. After choosing it, they should let them have the opportunity to prove and conquer themselves, especially that they carry within themselves a noble task of expelling the enemy and bringing victory to the kingdom of you are proud to be great generals.

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In addition to building an army, you have other ways to bring good results to your kingdom. It is joining a guild with your allies to have the opportunity to exchange, learn, improve your military knowledge, and how to create an excellent strategy to win the most enemy and join together to fight them. Besides, you also have the opportunity to conquer many great events by simply joining those matches to win and win those ceremonies. Those different events such as Wars, Guilds, Darkness Invasions,… etc


This is a cartoon game with lovely animated screens and gives you a lot of excitement and attraction. Here, you will discover and experience a new world, creating you with different ups and downs when fighting with enemies. The manufacturer has designed this game in 3D shapes from people to scenes that make the game eye-catching, creating more inspiration. Besides, you also get the chance to watch heroes magically use their skills and powers. One thing that makes you surprised when participating in this game is that you can fight with millions of people worldwide, defeat and destroy them, take the freedom of your kingdom. Finally, install Lords Mobile now! New and exciting things are always waiting for you.