LoveUnholyc v2.18.2 MOD APK + OBB (Unlocked All Content) Download

LoveUnholyc is an otome game that uses captivating and suggestive concepts and content to immerse female players in romantic fantasy love. Furthermore, it is a variation of the visual novel genre, so every dimension or decision of the player changes the plot or the personality of some characters. It also uses anime-style visuals to stimulate the player’s excitement through different moments.


The most outstanding feature of LoveUnholyc is its plot when the gameplay element has many limitations but gives players many stories and vivid interactions with each character. Furthermore, each situation or conversation has more than two different options, and each of them will make the plot unfold in different directions. Not only does the plot change, the character’s way of thinking and their attitude towards the main character is also different.

Based on the variety of options, players must build a separate life with the love they cherish the most. The game will always allow players to meet new characters, impressing them in terms of personality, appearance, and abilities in love. However, each person’s love will gradually grow stronger and split into many different branches, making the player’s journey arduous and complicated.


The game’s characters are uniquely designed and have depth, making every player’s direction vivid and rich and adding more daring thoughts when interacting with them. Everyone has their differences, such as personality, appearance, attitude, and many related things that make them distinctive. Moreover, as players interact with each character, they will gradually discover their unique and hidden secrets.

Depending on the player’s feelings, the characters will always approach them through various styles, such as live chat, targeting, and more. Each style has its unique options, allowing players to develop relationships in many ways, such as lovers, friends, and family. Every hidden ability is always a surprise for players as they open new doors to their true personalities.


LoveUnholyc is inherently an otome game, so its visual quality is important in conveying the plot and stimulating the player’s emotions. The characters are all artistically designed, bearing the style of western aristocrats, and use special architectural concepts to improve the atmosphere. Thanks to the interaction of the players, the image quality will be greatly enhanced so that they have the most wonderful and vivid experience.


LoveUnholyc does not have attractive gameplay, but it has many impressive features for users to enjoy discovering or unlocking secrets. Through items, players can enhance the influence of each character through generous gifts or matching each character’s description or likes. In addition, the element of costumes is also essential, and players can make a strong impression on each character through splendid costumes that match with the event or scenarios.

LoveUnholyc promises to bring players the most exciting and immersive experience while enjoying countless love stories with handsome characters. Moreover, the plot and plot development is remarkable, always giving players a lot of thought before building a suitable path for each love story.