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Hollin Jones on Jan 24, in News 1 comments Share: Here’s the lowdown on everything announced today. Hot on the heels of announcing new hardware at NAMM – the Komplete Kontrol M32 and Komplete Audio 1 and 2 units – Native Instruments has also revealed major updates to a number of its software applications and maschine 2 software. Oh, and the Komplete Kontrol app is going to be free.

Maschine 2.0 general software overview

maschine 2 software

The hardware is not limited for sole use with the Maschine software, but is also compatible with Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ software, and music production software such as Ableton Live and FL Studio.

As the original configuration, Maschine featured 16 pressure sensitive pads, 11 rotary knobs, 2 LCD screens, and 41 buttons. Designed as the budget and portable configuration, Maschine Mikro featured 16 pressure sensitive pads, but only one LCD screen, a single knob, and 28 buttons.

The second configuration of Maschine is nearly identical to its predecessor, but features RGB backlighting for all of its button and upgraded pads. As well, 3 knobs related to volume , tempo , and swing were replaced with a single jog wheel, and 6 buttons.

The unit also comes in either black or white, and features a removable magnetic top-plate and knobs for further color customization. The hardware layout is identical to the previous iteration, but comes in black or white.

The most recent configuration of Maschine, Studio is marketed as the premium edition of the hardware. Studio features 16 pressure sensitive pads, RGB backlighting, 9 rotary knobs, 2 color LCD screens, 2 sliders, a jog wheel, and 66 buttons.

The controller also features dual MIDI inputs and outputs, 2 foot switch inputs, and an input for a 15v power supply, as USB power is insufficient. Maschine Mk3: The newest addition to the Maschine family, with new and better pads, more and bigger click buttons, its own sound card, better navigation, dual colored LCD screens, and the best features of the Maschine Studio in a compact package.

Maschine Mikro Mk3: The latest iteration of the Mikro is the smallest controller of the Mikro family that features a reduced sized LCD screen. New features include a touch strip for effects, a chord section and a step sequencer section.

Software[ edit ] The Maschine software is designed to be used as a standalone production studio, or utilized as a plugin within a digital audio workstation. The software is primarily based on drum sequencing and designed for use with the Maschine line of hardware controllers.

Users assign drum kits, instruments and sounds from the included library, to each of the controller’s 16 pads, and can manipulate sounds further by applying effects and plugins.

The software also includes tools to capture and manipulate audio samples in real-time. All functions can be performed without the use of a mouse, and instead directly from the hardware itself.

Users use the touch screen to manipulate a virtual recreation of the 16 pads found on the Maschine controller. With the release of iMaschine 2, the app features many of the features found on the full production suite, such as step sequencing, arrangement, and the ability to record and manipulate samples.

That same year iMaschine was also released, an iOS app which brought key features of both the software and hardware components to the mobile platform.

The software came bundled with a copy of Native Instruments’ Massive, a synthesizer plugin. It brings grid based sequencing to the Maschine workflow much like the Ableton Push controller. The latest expansions also include presets for the Massive and Monark synthesizers, both of which are created and distributed by Native Instruments. There is also a note repeat.

Natives NEUE Maschine!!!!

In order to create the necessary preset database, the MASCHINE 2 software should be launched once in standalone mode prior to being used as a plug-in. The MASCHINE update is free to all MASCHINE 2 customers . Current MASCHINE 2 software owners can update for free – get the most from the.

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If you’re still using MASCHINE 1.x, the MASCHINE 2 software update can give you more functionality, sound, and raw power for modern music production. Hi all, I’m considering buying a Maschine and was looking for some used I can only find a “MASCHINE 2 SOFTWARE UPDATE” on NI’s.

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