Maschine or ableton

Evolving maschine or ableton and effects with Maschine MK3 This has been bugging me all night…. I love hip-hop production, right? See this video, at exact 5: So I was thinking…. The newest version of Maschine MK3, with full-color screens, and no power supply needed is even better.

Mix Ableton and Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, in new updates

maschine or ableton

Want to buy it? No but thanks for offering. Im living in germany so the shipping fees must be queit expensive. If i ever want to buy one, i will buy a new one. I cant speak for Push or Maschine, but I had an MPC Studio for a while and really enjoyed the ability to slice up samples and construct beats directly from the controller. It basically replaced Kong amd Redrum. I ended up selling it and still regret it to this day Yeah i know that feeling.

To imagine to just take my mpc live with batterie mode i think with my headphones and go anywhere to make music instantly is queit temptating. I bought the Push second hand because I saw it for a nice price. I had used a Launchpad before and wanted something better.

And well, it is a LOT better. Sounds so good. Which Version of Ableton are u using? In short main reasons are: All synced via Link. Additionally you are more focused on Reason. Rewire is good only if use Reason as a supplement for Live with some sounds from light racks or refills because of Live hosts Reason only with single cpu core so it is very easy to reach max cpu.

Thank you for your answer. So when it comes to sampling audio clips, you prefer maschine over push 2? I have nektar panorma P4 and i love all the mappings which i can get here in the forum and the intergration in reason is great.

So one question to all of you: Do you guys think propellerhead will release a similar device which is integrated perfectly in reason?

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While there are other ‘hybrid’ controller- software systems out there, NI’s Maschine and Ableton’s Push remain the titans of the software-specific. Maschine (I hate machines filters But this will be fixed by heat) So go push I think push 2 is too big, but the ableton software is really good.

VIDEO: Maschine Or Ableton

ok guys, so i got maschine and it’s loaded also, i’ve had live 8 for awhile but pretty much bare bones, not a whole lot of extra instruments, etc. At that time I did not really know much about Ableton or DAWs in general, but now I see that most producers seem to be using Maschine more.

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