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Proper graphing of data allows businesses within a scientific or engineering field to present data to shareholders and the public as well as aiding the decision-making process. Origin is a great example of a widely used professional data analysis tool which can make presenting data easier than ever. The software is even microcal origin 6 0 free download to try. Origin, free and safe download. Origin latest version:

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microcal origin 6 0 free download

Online HTML versions are on their way. First version of the SG plug-in system that allows users to add dialogs and more features using Python. Among other things, embedding images is now possible, as well as setting background images for the plots. Clipboard for plots: It includes pysga.

New scheme for storing numerical data in worksheets. Examples are included. I’m still getting up to speed with it, but it seems that between SciGraphica and Grace, Linux users have access to two great graphing packages that will make them the envy of their Windows and Mac colleagues. Latest release 0. The new version allows also to plot new types of datasets: Conrad has finished the dialog for inserting special characters in the labels infinity, perpendicular, etc.

This includes the new data types for drawing bars, boxes, bubbles, vector, and contour plots. Among the new features you’ll find that the “Set Column Values” is now usable, and that you can plot functions.

Numerical Python is no longer an option, it’s mandatory. It includes the dialogs for creating and adding function datasets. Conrad is working on the Python wrapper. We’ll be ready for a new release after updating the code for importing the figures. We can embed figures lines, arrows, rectangles, ellipses and images. This adds two new dependencies to the package.

The code resembles LibGlage, and the format for worksheets, Gnumeric. Although this is adding another dependency, libxml is cross platform and will not affect the eventual port to Win We’ll also be able to read Gnumeric files!.

You can insert formulas in the worksheet’s cells!. In this way, we can take fully advantage of Gnome features when it is present, and also compile independently. In the future, we may be able to integrate Scigraphica features with Gnumeric using the Bonobo component. This will allow SciGraphica to be cross-plattform and eventually compile on Win Apparently, this would be possible right now, without further modifications to the code.

You are welcome to try, we are waiting for your success story. Scientific Python features algorithms for first derivatives, interpolation, and least squares, among other things. Numerical and fitting algorithms almost there, you can use Scientific Python. Pluggin system using Python. Loading modules will allow users to customize file formats and interact with the plots and worksheets using Python and the SG libraries.

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