MiXplorer Silver – File Manager v6.57.3 APK (Paid/Plugins) Download

Those types of applications in the extension category often have many impressive uses to assist users in daily tasks. Managing the content of files is the most important; even many people want full control over folders and want to know the slightest change. Therefore, file management applications were developed and provided people with efficient tools or methods to capture any changes in memory.

The article will introduce MiXplorer Silver, a special file management application that users can easily find in any market. Its specialty is the rich and diverse support that always gives users new impressions and possibilities to explore. Meanwhile, its file management capabilities are flawless and preeminent, even easily formatting file types and giving the user complete control over everything.

MiXplorer Silver – File Manager MiXplorer Silver – File Manager


MiXplorer Silver’s interface is sophisticated and modern but possesses a simple, rustic, and friendly beauty. Through it, users can manage files more easily and smoothly while at the same time aware of the slightest changes in the entire system. Although its interface design is rustic, it has many effective categories and functions, allowing users to scan, process, and interact with all available files. Meanwhile, users can change the view in the folder and change the personal user experience with many attractive options in each selection. Users can also personalize the interface by changing the layout, colors, and many other elements to make everything more convenient.


MiXplorer Silver can help users directly interact with any folder or application in the device, thanks to its extensive interaction. You could say that it completely replaces your device’s default directory manager, as it’s flexible, diverse, and feature-rich to explore. Besides, users do not need conversion applications but can still directly access many different file types. Therefore, the arrangement of files will become more convenient, and users can batch interaction to save time in directory arrangement.


The application will introduce users to the scanning and analysis of device memory, a useful feature for users to search for files with large capacity or recently created. Meanwhile, the interface will show everything clearly, including the amount of space and the total percentage of memory they occupy. Not only device memory, but users can scan the external memory to make cleaning things easier. When users press and hold on to files, many special features will show up, allowing users to interact and process them easily. Moreover, the ability to scan memory also helps users find junk or mysterious folders, and from there, directly delete them from the device with just one tap.


If a user is confused and unable to identify redundant files and takes up a lot of space on their device, they can use the junk cleaning feature. It is the most impressive and preeminent feature coming from MiXplorer Silver, where it is programmed to recognize files in junk file format and directly help users handle everything. However, before everything is deleted and processed, it will display important and related files that the user has interacted with recently. That prevents users from deleting important files and immediate recovery to protect work.


The archives are well known and widely used on the internet today, and it is a perfectly compressed, optimized, and portable file format. MiXplorer Silver will introduce a convenient feature for users to work with these types of files and freely manipulate them anytime, anywhere. In it, users can directly decompress or compress the contents and save them anywhere on the device, even directly work with the content inside them without having to decompress. The application’s compatibility with archives is extensive and promising to bring users countless impressive and useful tools.


As users continually explore the application, it continuously introduces many features that help users work with various file formats. It is simple, and the app will greatly improve performance, and it will continuously expand user interaction with countless file formats. The app promises to give people the tools they need to work and gives them full control over their device’s memory the way they want.

MiXplorer Silver is a preeminent and flexible application with a high degree of professionalism in helping users interact with various file formats. Moreover, the application can proudly replace the device’s default file managers and provide users with the most impressive user experience for device file management.