MMX Hill Dash v1.0.12455 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

MMX Hill Dash offers more than 100 different levels and challenges. Are you a good student of physics? Try this game!

Following the success of MMX Racing is the birth of a brand new blockbuster that promises many explosive races in MMX Hill Dash. Here, you quickly seize the opportunity to enter a fierce racing race on hundreds of challenging and rugged roads. The graphic system realistically simulates a race of famous racers combined with the vivid sound system of the engine to create a perfect experience for every centimeter.

MMX Hill Dash


Once you set foot in this racing world, you will be hard-pressed to get out of here because of the constant attraction of complex situations that need you to handle. MMX Hill Dash uses powerful physics to bring out real-world emotions exclusively for players. Challenging car crashes spark your racing spirit. It is this that has made you addicted and immersed here as the true love of life.


Coming to MMX Hill Dash, you are like entering a capital car with hundreds of different vehicles from many famous and rich countries in the world. It can be said that this place converges all kinds of racing cars from tanks, off-road racing cars, … for you to explore and use. Some outstanding truck lines such as Micro, The Monster, The Classic, The Buggy… always know how to keep the players with it until the final racing game.

MMX Hill Dash


Before officially participating in the most anticipated legendary car race at the moment, choose for yourself a car that suits your taste and terrain. You can upgrade and customize special parameters to bring a new car utterly personal to the player. Specifically, grip, stability, air inclination are always edited by you to increase the speed and strength of the warrior.

MMX Hill Dash


Special MMX Hill Dash challenges you not only through the onslaught of rival cars but also from the hazardous racing system. It is considered to be one of the most challenging and most extreme races in the world. You will experience the feeling of falling backward from above when you have to go through a circular path in the sky. Just thinking about it gives players goosebumps; their hearts stop beating because of the danger it brings.

Not stopping there, you can climb on steep hills like a vertical ruler that can’t see the ground. Or the hair-thin bridges force you to conquer to cross the other side to continue the journey to the finish line. All will take you to a world of unlimited adventure that is immensely satisfying with your longing and waiting.

MMX Hill Dash


MMX Hill Dash takes you on a world adventure through many different race tracks. You can race against your opponents in the leaderboards while giving you many magnificent cities; next to the towering towers, the entertainment areas are crowded with people. Besides, the desert full of golden sand or the arctic place covered with snow is ready for your visit. Even racing very enthusiastically, but suddenly there is a volcanic eruption next to it is very normal here.