Posted moavi Gary Cena BlogTech Compiling moavi into slideshows is a great way to create memorable videos of events or vacations, or moavi come up with presentations. However aside from the photos that are used what moavi sets slideshows apart are the other audiovisual elements — and they can have a profound impact on its appearance. In short if you want moavi create an impressive and unique photo slideshow, you need software that will let you do more than just compile photos moavi sequence. That is why you should try using Movavi Slideshow Maker https: The other thing to note is that Moavi Slideshow Maker has two distinct modes that you can use when you want to create a photo slideshow.

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I made 2 projects, one long and one 10 seconds long. I saved both projects. First problem – It would not let me save them where I wanted to put them but in a place I had great difficulty finding later. The longer project I exported as a mov file. Once again I was not able to save it where I wanted to put it. Then on reopening the program and trying to work on the projects again I got the error messages everyone is talking about – my files are corrupted, cannot find the project, etc.

This was with with both the larger and small projects. After a great deal of searching I finally found where the files were stored and was able to retrieve my projects and mov file. Fortunately my mov file is okay and playable, but if I had not finished this project in one session I would have lost it all and been unable to get it again to work on it.

Very disappointing. Could you please contact our support via support movavi. Its pretty frustrating. The guys at Movavi got in touch with me to help me work out my issues so I gave them another star which they deserve.

Triming and applying the basic video enhancements was workable. However, sound AC-3 on the input files was apparently converted to stereo only. Also, the exported Mpeg2 file video quality was worse than the untreated file used for input. In addition, after saving the project and re-opening to try again, received an error message saying that some of the files used in the project were corrupted, making the project file useless.

Very disappointed. Recommend downloading the 7 day trial version and test it thoroughly to make sure it works for you – I wish I did. Please, make sure to open the project file not as the media file. If you’re opening Project file as a media file you’ll probably get the error.

If this won’t be helpful, please, contact our support via support movavi.

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