My Movie v11.1.2 APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked) Download for Android

My Movie has many features for making movies, such as keyframe animation, merging and cutting videos, and many other utilities for editing enthusiasts.

My Movie is the best professional video editing platform today. With all the features and advantages of this application, it will help users edit videos in the best way. You can easily edit videos with music and unique photo effects. Besides, users can also forward and add a lot of text in the video; this makes your video much richer and more diverse.


With the main goal of assisting users in video editing, the application has gradually completed its goals in the past. With users’ needs and tastes today, our application has fully met and exceeded the requirements. If you are a video editing enthusiast, quickly download the application right away, start to experience and explore it right now.

The main features are in the application

Features in the application My Movie is vibrant and diverse. Users will readily participate in the best video editors and video creators today to efficiently produce the best quality videos. You will also be provided with the best video cutter system. You can also easily produce videos for YouTube. All of these videos are exported in HD quality.


Besides, users are also provided with a very professional and easy-to-use Vlog editor. If you want to create videos with a high aesthetic appeal, check out the video editor MyMovie. Users can easily add a very professional cut or photo keyframe to cut the video in just a concise time. Our application will enable users to convert videos into one realistically. Besides, users can join video clips with transitions.

Coming to the application, users can also experience a handy movie editor. This is one of the best video editing applications, supports video compression and merging without losing quality. You can also add any text style to the video you want, along with a variety of fonts and keyframe animation styles. All of them assist the user in the video editing and production process. The application also gives users beneficial features, such as adjusting opacity and radius, easily creating video intros and endings. Our system will provide users with a vibrant and diverse portfolio of stickers.


Edit video with filter effects

Application Video Editor for Youtube & Video Maker – My Movie will provide users with many different effects and filters. To improve the quality of each product that the user produces. There will be a series of different effects in the collection for the user to choose freely. At the same time, users can also edit videos with many unique and exciting filters in the application. You can easily adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, thereby making your product much more perfect and quality. The speed of the video can also be adjusted through the great filters that the application brings. Users can also easily create slow-motion and Time-Lapse videos, which make their productions more interesting.


Music and photos in the app

My Movie application will support the user with the most beautiful music and pictures. Music is an indispensable element in every video, so our system has supported users with a wide variety of sounds. All the sound effects and the best music in the world are present in this application. Users will be able to edit videos for free through the beautiful images that we provide. You can easily show photos with a combination of tracks.


Application overview

My Movie is a professional video editor, allowing users to edit and produce videos with the highest quality. In this application, users can easily cut and split everything into complete videos. Editing videos through music, effects, and photos will help you become a video star on YouTube. It’s great that every user’s video product is output with unchanged quality. Enjoy and experience the best that this application has to offer.