My Radio v1.0.89.1030 APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked) Download

Before listening to a radio station become FM, AM can be as easy and convenient as using My Radio: Free Radio Station, AM FM Radio App Free. Not only is it fast, but it’s entirely free for you. This is your chance to explore the world through the radio system. According to experts, the fact that you listen to the radio regularly helps your understanding to a new level and eases the hurt and stress in your body.


Although designed and built simply, the features of My Radio do not lose to any of the top radio listening applications. Specifically, with more than 50,000 radio stations detected, you can own thousands of different live programs and radio programs. In particular, it helps you connect with information around the world, not just where you live.

My Radio :Free Radio Station, AM FM Radio App Free My Radio :Free Radio Station, AM FM Radio App Free


Despite its great power but being completely free, what are you waiting for without adding it to the list of your favorite apps! The genre of My Radio will make you overwhelmed by the richness and richness that it brings. When you set foot in this radio world, you will be exposed to hundreds of different genres. Talking about music including classical music, rock, pop… There are also meaningful talk shows, concerts, etc. Not only that, but you can also use the built-in radio tool in the app to listen to live radio.


In the vast world of more than 50,000 FM, AM, and radio tuners around the globe, My Radio provides you with a wide range of search facilities. They make it easier for you to choose and find the radio programs you need, rather than wading through a never-ending treasure trove. Specifically, you can search with many different languages ​​according to your customization. Not only that, you can search by category or region; it can be your locality or any place in the world.


In cases where you are busy and can’t listen to the radio after finding them or are in the middle of listening but can’t finish the job, you can save them back to your favorites. This place contains your special radios; it’s like a priceless treasure that My Radio dedicated to you. Thanks to that, you can listen to it again no matter the time and place.


This app is also like an alarm clock. The reason is that you can actively search and listen to live radio; it also allows you to use an FM tuner, Internet radio to wake you up. You will choose your favorite radio stations and programs. When it’s time to broadcast, it will automatically work without user activation. Therefore, this feature is often used as a handy alarm clock.


The fact that users listen to the radio before sleeping often happens to most users. Because gentle, humanistic talk shows will help you fall asleep more easily. It is compelling for users with chronic insomnia. Therefore, you will fall asleep without turning off the radio in time, affecting battery power and sleep quality. Thus, this application allows you to schedule radio playback. When it’s time for you to install it, it will automatically stop working.