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How does one mix drums without this beast? I Used to use all sorts of un-wholesome chains of analog and digital to shape just one channel: Eqs, 2 or 3 compressors, gates, limiters Now I just slap an 88rs across it first. A bit of Eq, some expansion, some squish

The 15 Best EQ Plugins to Shape Your Mix

neve complete plugin bundle download

How does one mix drums without this beast? I Used to use all sorts of un-wholesome chains of analog and digital to shape just one channel: Eqs, 2 or 3 compressors, gates, limiters Now I just slap an 88rs across it first.

A bit of Eq, some expansion, some squish Drums sound done. Seriously, this is the equivalent of that dude who can’t be bothered to take both shampoo and conditioner into the shower I just Neve 88RS and go: Cox May 9, mix buss sugar!

I own a gazillion plugin compressors and up to now my favorite 2 buss plugin compressor was the waves v-series comp. Although I still love that plugin, this neve compressor plugin just sounds like hardware to me. At the sale price of This was an instant winner. The Pre with Neve EQ made every mic sound amazing. UA Prices on plug-ins in the store will drop based on what you already own, causing some confusion.

Newton January 3, Probably the best strip out there It’s a thick, but balanced sound. The Neve sound, with more flexibility and options and in a full channel strip form. A more traditional compressor than the API Vision, since it’s a separate gain and threshold.

I’m glad I went with the Neve. It has transformed my mixes. Even just adding this to the mix bus works wonders. The distortion and saturation added from the preamp even as a mix plugin is incredible, if only subtle.

Until now But UAD have somehow captured this in a plugin I don’t care that it uses so much juice, it’s worth it! This has made mixing so much easier: D December 16, Excellent! Fantastic Sounding! I Use it on everything I do. If you can not get a great sound using this plugin, you have other problems.

My 15 year old son tracks guitars and later eqs with this plugin and I have 22 years of engineering records and I’m impressed with the tones he gets with very little experience. Buy this plugin. You won’t regret it. Foley July 27, Great sounding. Maybe there are a lot of hobbyist who are thinking about the money differently than I am, but this is basically a new plugin. Only real issue is CPU being high.

I just bought a bunch of plugins from you guys, and I could use the updated.. But overall the plugin its the truth, I worked on a Neve for awhile and I can’t tell the difference So 5 stars Universal Audio once again J.

Mathews May 30, Great update This plugin is superb. No presets , twist to taste is the real deal. There’s a lot of hate here over pricing. I waited on a couple coupons and got this at below half price.

The latest and greatest always has SOME cost attached to it. Unlike Avid , UA didn’t repackage the same crap and try and convince you it’s new. This is the latest in modeling technology for the Neve strip that can still be used on the same platform as the legacy plug.

This Plug-In is absolutely amazing..!!! It definitely sounds great! I understand that’s probably the reason why it is DSP hungry.

Thinking that way, it is clear that the plugin is way expensive, it definitely demands a new piece of hardware to go along with it. Besides, I’ve invested in new releases in the past and soon later they drop the price in half such as , Fairchild, API Vision. USD money makes it 3 times more expensive in Brazil that’s my problem, of course. Hoping for a kind coupon from UA, I give 5 stars for the amazing sound you get with this plugin!

Kayser May 14, Golden They really delivered on this one. Even though I have the legacy version after demo’ing this I purchased it right away. Sounds great!! Penn May 14, 5 Stars!! Definitely Buying this shortly!!! Thanks ;- May 14, This is the truth!!!! This plugin is superior!! The sound quality and new layout is perfect!!

I’ve only used this on vocals so my opinion may be a bit shallow, but what this does and how easy it does it!!! I was initially disappointed with the price because I have the legacy version, but after hearing the two, the price is justified, and I didn’t loose my other plugin! UAD Keep the plugins coming!! One of UAs best work to date. The input stage is clean, accurate and warm.

Great sounding filters and EQ. Perfectly usable compressor and gate. All in all it sounds fantastic, and there is very little that can match it in terms of quality. The only thing that takes away one star is the DSP consumption which is a bit too high to make this really usable as a mixing plugin unless you have at least two octos. It is twice the API Vision strip. It would not have been a problem is DSP was cheaper, but this is beyond the budget of many users.

If there was a way to bypass the input stage to save some DSP it would make it a little bit more usable. Wilkes A stunning facelift – pure Neve goodness Don’t believe the hype on this one – grab it and hear it for yourself. Of all thew Mk II versions released so far this one for me is the winner, and the 88RS now sounds like the board it is modelled from. My only gripe is the lack of an input meter and you should be aware the output meter is post VCA but Pre-output dial.

The compressor no longer seems to snatch at the audio in that SSL manner, and the EQ is so musical it’s a joy. I have never written a UAD review. And considering I have the original and almost never used it, why again? Well, this plug beat nearly every plug-in in shoot-outs I staged with previous mixes β€” meaning, where I might have placed plugs in concert, the 88RS β€” hands down β€” took the prize.

This emulation is the very manifestation of the reason I invested in this platform in the beginning. This plug is the most amazing thing I have ever worked with. Kudos to the entire team behind it. And if you are staiil standing in the wings I. The sound you get from this resembles real analog so much more! I have been trying to get a decent plugin chain for my U47 voice recordings, previously stopped at using the Summit compressor.

BUT when I put this one on – I was amazed. As far as ITB mixing goes, I think that for now this is as close as emulating analog goes. This will be used on every channel from now on. Hands down, it kills any other console channel strips with ease. Schmelzer May 8, Blown Away!

I demoed this new channel strip for a few hours and realized it was a definite buy! The sound of the filters sold me. Super clean and unobtrusive. I love being able to use it with unision tech as a mic pre as well. It’s amazing when you think about everything you get with this plug: You could literally mix a record with this plugin and it would sound awesome! I do prefer this to the API though.

I even used it on my mix buss and loved the result!

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