Nonstop Knight 2 v2.6.0 MOD APK (Mega Menu) Download for Android

Nonstop Knight 2 (MOD, Many Features) lets you transform into a hero to defeat the boss using powerful skills.

An RPG experience, but with more idle gameplay than other games of the same genre, is brought by Nonstop Knight 2. The player will play as a hero and go on his quest by taking down different enemies. At the same time, you can also confront powerful entities with your strength. There will undoubtedly be many exciting elements that urge you to explore and unlock.


In Nonstop Knight 2, players will be transformed into heroes trying to engage in impressive battles against enemies in dark dungeons. You will take advantage of all that you try to defeat them and get many exciting rewards. At the same time, you will need to take care that you outnumber the number of enemies inside this game entirely. So you will need to be careful in your fight and watch your health bar.

The perspective of Nonstop Knight 2 allows you to observe the game thoroughly when looking at the character from above. At the same time, you can also know the attack time of your enemies and especially the boss through the signs that appear around them and signal their area of influence. That will help the player take advantage of his skills to create a certain distance from his enemies because the character uses melee weapons.


When you start the game Nonstop Knight 2, you will receive some explanations on how to play to be easy for anyone to access some of the mechanics inside this game. The character will use the sword and try to defeat the enemies you find in the bunker with what you have. In addition, you are also equipped with two skills, and later the number of skills will increase to three. These skills will consume a certain amount of energy that the player will need to observe.

The challenge inside this game lies in choosing the suitable attack method to defeat your enemies. As mentioned above, players will know the signs to dodge the attacks of big bosses because they possess awe-inspiring strength and physique. So anyone will need to find a way to avoid it, and one of the ways that some players use it is to use the first skill to create distance from their enemies. The ultimate skill you get also affects multiple enemies.

The ultimate skill is an advanced skill that you get after leveling up, and it is also a powerful and effective skill depending on how you use it. Like other skills, it can have specific effects on different types of monsters, although their physique. In other words, when you cast this skill, they will be swept away in a particular direction by the whirlwind created by the skill, and indeed they will not be able to do anything. So it all depends on how you play.


During the game, you will see that your experience bar will continuously increase and when you reach a new level, you can receive a sure reward. For example, when you get to level 2, you will receive a skill card and equip it to use in battle. At the same time, you also get other elements such as passive skills in the talents section or find new skills to upgrade, and you will find the right one for you.

You will find many other skills in the skill system besides the essential skills that you will use, and you will need a certain number of cards to unlock them. At the same time, that’s just the beginning, as you also need to upgrade these skills to maximize their power and unlocking some more passive skills. Therefore, it is indispensable to level up and find rewards in many ways.

For this game, the rewards after you fight the boss, you will receive a box in which there are entirely different rewards depending on the characteristics of the box. In other words, the higher the properties of the box, the more Epic items will appear in front of you. At the same time, similar to skills, they also need a certain amount of money to upgrade to raise your stats to the maximum.


For Nonstop Knight 2, the player will enter the dungeon and defeat the enemies in it. At the top of the screen, you will see a bar indicating that you have met the boss. When you click on it, you need to move to a nearby area to see the boss. Also, after you gain a certain number of skills, you will participate in PVP matches to increase your buddy’s rank. Don’t forget the ongoing events with impressive rewards.