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Tech Industry Office licenses can now be transferred to another Office pro plus 2013 mak download Reacting to user feedback, Microsoft will now allow Office owners to transfer their license from one PC to another up to once every 90 days. By March 6, 7: In the face of user concerns over its previous policy, Microsoft today amended its Office license agreement. Now Office customers can move the software and license to another PC once every 90 days.

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office pro plus 2013 mak download

How to rearm Office SP1 Many descriptions you find on the web about rearming Office are now inaccurate. In the course of this article, I will discuss some of the things that have changed. If you intend to rearm Office SP1, you first have to check whether you have a retail edition or a volume edition. You can buy the retail edition in shops, and you can download it from various online stores.

The evaluation edition you can download from Microsoft is also a retail version. Even MSDN subscribers can only download the retail edition. The volume edition is only available for volume customers through the Volume Licensing Service Center. You can find tools on the web that allow you to convert a retail edition to a volume edition. The most prominent one is probably the Microsoft Toolkit. Contrary to its name, this toolset is NOT from Microsoft.

I always advise against using such tools. Even if they work and some do , you never know what else they are doing to your computers. Extending your activation period, or even using Office for an unlimited time without paying for it, is not worth the risk. You not only commit a theft but you also risk doing your company severe harm.

In the most harmless case, the hacking tool might just steal your product key, or your machines might end up in a botnet; in the worst case, you become the victim of a ransom attack. Retail vs. Rearm count is 1 with Office retail edition On the other hand, if you are dealing with an Office volume edition, the description field should tell you so. Rearm count is 3 with Office 15 volume edition As you can see in the screenshot, the remaining rearm count is 3, and the time remaining until activation is required is 30 days.

This copy of Microsoft Office is not activated After they close the message, they can continue working without any restriction. However, the title bar will remind users that the product activation failed. Product activation failed Note that, previously, you could rearm Office five times.

This gave you an activation grace period of days. The main purpose of the rearm feature is to ensure that a freshly deployed OS image that contains Office has the full 30 days before activation is required. If you deploy your image a few days after you install Office, without rearming it, the grace period will be shortened accordingly. After you install Office, you have five days to enter a product key.

When I rearmed an expired Office evaluation version, I had another 30 days to test Office, and the rearm count was set to 0. Extended trial period after rearm Just in case you think you can extend your trial period by setting the Windows installation date to an earlier date, know that this will not work.

EXE, which comes with the Office installation, or you can use slmgr. If you want to use slmgr. This is the syntax: Application ID Note that the cscript slmgr. Then, enter:

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Note: The steps to install the or versions of Office Professional Plus, Office Standard, or a stand-alone app such as Word or Project might be different . Microsoft Office Professional Plus is a day trial build of Microsoft’s flagship productivity suite. The program includes the versions.

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