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panda antivirus for mac torrent

There will also be an increase in the threats to Mac users, new efforts to attack bit systems and new zero-day exploits. Malware creation. Panda has seen a significant growth in the amount of malware in , a constant theme over the last few years. This year, more than 20 million new strains have been created, more than in The actual rate of growth year-on-year however, appears to have peaked: We will have to wait and see what happens in Cyber war.

Stuxnet and the Wikileaks cables suggesting the involvement of the Chinese government in the cyber-attacks on Google and other targets have marked a turning point in the history of these conflicts. In cyber-wars, as with other real-world conflicts today, there are no ranks of uniformed troops making it easy to distinguish between one side and another. This is like guerrilla warfare, where it is impossible to discern who is launching the attack or from where.

The only thing it is possible to ascertain is the objective. Attacks such as these, albeit more or less sophisticated, are still ongoing, and will no doubt increase during , although many of them will go unnoticed by the general public.

Undoubtedly the major new issue in Cyber-protests, or hacktivism, are all the rage. This new movement was initiated by the Anonymous group and Operation Payback, targeting firstly organizations trying to close the net on Internet piracy, and later in support of Julian Assange, editor-in-chief of Wikileaks. Even users with limited technical know-how can join in the distributed denial of service attacks DDoS or spam campaigns. Despite hasty attempts in many countries to pass legislation to counter this type of activity, effectively by criminalizing it, we believe that in there will be yet more cyber-protests, organized by this group or others that will begin to emerge.

Social engineering. Panda has seen the continued use of social engineering to infect unwary users. In particular, cyber-criminals have found social media sites to be their perfect working environment, as users are even more trusting than with other types of tools, such as email. Throughout Panda has witnessed various attacks that have used the two most popular social networks — Facebook and Twitter- as a launch pad. In we fully expect that not only will hackers continue to use these media, but that they will also be used more for distributed attacks.

Moreover, BlackHat SEO attacks indexing and positioning of fake websites in search engines will also be widely employed throughout , as always, taking advantage of hot topics to reach as many users as possible. Windows 7 influencing malware development. As we mentioned last year, it will take at least two years before we start to see the proliferation of threats designed specifically for Windows 7.

In we have begun to see a shift in this direction, and we imagine that in we will continue to see new cases of malware targeting users of this new operating system. Cell phones. The eternal question: When will malware for cell phones really take off?

It would seem that in there will be new attacks, but still not on a massive scale. Most of the existing threats target devices with Symbian, an operating system which is now on the wane. Of the emerging systems, Panda predicts that the number of threats for Android will increase considerably throughout the year, becoming the number one target for cyber-crooks.

The overwhelming dominance of iPad in this terrain will start to be challenged by new competitors entering the market. Malware for Mac exists, and will continue to exist. And as the market share continues to grow, so the number of threats will grow accordingly.

The biggest concern is the number of security holes affecting the Apple operating system. The fact it can be run by browsers without any plug-ins makes it even more attractive to find a security hole that can be exploited to attack users regardless of which browser they use. We will see the first attacks in the coming months. Highly dynamic and encrypted threats.

This is something we have already seen over the last two years, and we fully expect this to increase in There is nothing new about profit-motivated malware, the use of social engineering or silent threats designed to operate without victims realizing.

Yet in our anti-malware laboratory we are receiving more and more encrypted, stealth threats designed to connect to a server and update themselves before security companies can detect them. There are also more threats that target specific users, particularly companies, as information stolen from businesses will fetch a higher price on the black market.

Yet this is sadly insufficient when we consider the scale of what we are fighting against. For more information about Panda, visit http: Follow us on Twitter: PandaSecurityZA and Facebook: Panda Security South Africa.

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