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Popular Computer Forensics Top 21 Tools [Updated for 2019]

pc tools torrent

Internal viewer for Windows registry file Automated registry report Extracts metadata from various file types Ability to extract emails from various available email clients. And many more.. You can read the full list here: EnCase EnCase is another popular multi-purpose forensic platform with many nice tools for several areas of the digital forensic process.

This tool can rapidly gather data from various devices and unearth potential evidence. It also produces a report based on the evidence. This tool does not come for free see site for current pricing. Read more about EnCase: Registry Recon Registry Recon is a popular registry analysis tool. It extracts the registry information from the evidence and then rebuilds the registry representation.

It can rebuild registries from both current and previous Windows installations. It is not a free tool. Read more about it: It comes with various tools which helps in digital forensics. These tools help in analyzing disk images, performing in-depth analysis of file systems, and various other things. Read more about it here: Llibforensics Libforensics is a library for developing digital forensics applications. It was developed in Python and comes with various demo tools to extract information from various types of evidence.

Read more here: Volatility Volatility is the memory forensics framework. It used for incident response and malware analysis. With this tool, you can extract information from running processes, network sockets, network connection, DLLs and registry hives.

It also has support for extracting information from Windows crash dump files and hibernation files. This tool is available for free under GPL license. Read more about the tool: It is basically used for reverse engineering of malwares. It provides the capability of analyzing the Windows kernel, drivers, DLLs, virtual and physical memory. Read more: It runs under several Unix-related operating systems. It can be used to aid analysis of computer disasters and data recovery.

Oxygen Forensic Suite Oxygen Forensic Suite is a nice software to gather evidence from a mobile phone to support your case.

It also lets you access and analyze mobile device data and documents. It generates easy to understand reports for better understanding. More information here: Bulk Extractor Bulk Extractor is also an important and popular digital forensics tool. It scans the disk images, file or directory of files to extract useful information.

In this process, it ignores the file system structure, so it is faster than other available similar kinds of tools. It is basically used by intelligence and law enforcement agencies in solving cyber crimes. Download it here: Xplico Xplico is an open source network forensic analysis tool. It is basically used to extract useful data from applications which use Internet and network protocols.

It also supports IPv4 and IPv6 both. Read more about this tool here: It collects information about running processes on a host, drivers from memory and gathers other data like meta data, registry data, tasks, services, network information and Internet history to build a proper report.

This tool was developed by Microsoft to gather evidence from Windows systems. It can be installed on a USB pen drive or external hard disk. Just plug in the USB device in the target computer and it starts a live analysis.

It comes with different tools with a GUI based interface to command the tools. It is fast and can perform the whole analysis in as few as 20 minutes. To law enforcement agencies, Microsoft provides free technical support for the tool. Official website: P2 eXplorer P2 eXplorer is a forensic image mounting tool which aims to help investigating officers with examination of a case. With this image, you can mount forensic images as a read-only local and physical disc and then explore the contents of the image with file explorer.

You can easily view deleted data and unallocated space of the image. It can mount several images at a time. It supports both logical and physical image types. PlainSight PlainSight is another useful digital forensics tool. It is a CD based Knoppix which is a Linux distribution. Some of its uses include viewing Internet histories, data carving, checking USB device usage, memory dumps extracting password hashes, information gathering, examining Windows firewall configuration, seeing recent documents, and other useful tasks.

For using this too, you only need to boot from the CD and the follow the instructions. This tool is available for free. It is used to analyze and recover crucial information from mobile devices. This tool comes with a hardware device and software.

Hardware connects mobile phones to PC and software performs the analysis of the device and extract data. It is designed to recover data for forensic analysis. The latest version of the tool can recover data from all kind of smartphones including Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

It gathers deleted data like call records, images, SMS and text messages. It comes with many open source digital forensics tools including hex editors, data carving and password cracking tools.

If you want the free version, you can go for Helix3 R1. After this release, this project was overtaken by a commercial vendor. So, you need to pay for most recent version of the tool. This tool can collect data from physical memory, network connections, user accounts, executing processes and services, scheduled jobs, Windows Fegistry, chat logs, screen captures, SAM files, applications, drivers, environment variables and Internet history.

Then it analyzes and reviews the data to generate the complied results based on reports. Helix3 R1 can be downloaded here: The UFED Pro Series is designed for forensic examiners and investigators who require the most comprehensive, up-to-date mobile data extraction and decoding support available to handle the influx of new data sources.

Platform agnostic, the UFED Field Series is designed to unify workflows between the field and lab, making it possible to view, access and share mobile data via in-car workstations, laptops, tablets or a secure, self-service kiosk located at a station. Check this out: Conclusion These are a few popular digital forensics tools used by various law enforcement agencies in performing crime investigations. In this post, I added all kind of tools like premium, free, open source, computer forensics, mobile forensics and others.

If you are going to start learning digital forensics, you can download or buy these tools and start working on those. It will help you in better understanding the whole process and tools. These are not the only tools. There are various other free and premium tools available in the market. So, you can do more research on the tools to know more about those tools.

These tools are added in random order. I just tried to make a list of popular digital forensics tools only. With the increasing use of digital data and mobile phones, digital forensics has become more important. Cyber crimes are also increasing day by day. So companies are also trying to launch more powerful version of the tools, and you need to be in touch of latest digital forensics news to know about recent releases.

Just fill out the form at the top of this post to receive more info. Further reading about digital forensics:

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