PDF Reader Pro v6.0.0 APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked) Download

PDF Reader Pro is a great support tool for you in the process of reading or editing PDF files. Currently, most of the valuable knowledge in the world is stored on websites, mainly in PDF files. However, some mobile devices do not support viewing and editing PDF documents by default, which causes users quite a lot of trouble. This application was born to solve your problem.

PDF Reader Pro: Edit, Sign and Fill PDF PDF Reader Pro: Edit, Sign and Fill PDF


With PDF Reader Pro pre-installed on your device, you will be able to read and annotate important content in PDF files. There are many valuable tools available to you, such as a highlight or underline tool to help you highlight what you need to remember and add notes and comments for you to save necessary annotations. The quick search tool helps you find related keywords or the content you are interested in,…


A variety of valuable tools help you adjust the content in the document. The application supports you to directly edit the text as well as images in the file, for example, add, delete, cut, paste, … text or rotate, crop photos. You can also easily split the layout of the text, layout the whole document, add, remove or change the order of pages,… More specifically, you can draw directly on the PDF file, which helps users. Use bookmarks for important content more flexibly.

PDF Reader Pro: Edit, Sign and Fill PDF PDF Reader Pro: Edit, Sign and Fill PDF


There is no need to use additional software or file conversion websites, but you can still easily convert PDF files to PowerPoint, Word, Excel files, and vice versa with our application. PDF Reader Pro also supports converting images containing text into PDF files, which is very convenient for users.


All PDF files in the device are stored in this application, making it easier and faster for you to search. You can copy, move or delete them as needed. If it’s an important document, star it, so it’s stored separately. The app links directly with Drive and Dropbox, helping to ensure your documents don’t get lost when you switch devices.

PDF Reader Pro: Edit, Sign and Fill PDF PDF Reader Pro: Edit, Sign and Fill PDF


The application is entirely free. However, you can also upgrade with cash to experience better services. Some extra features for you, such as converting multiple files, multiple images to PDF files in just one selection, or editing tools, will also be more and more multitasking.