Phonograph Music Player v1.3.7 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download

Music is one of the essential things in the daily life of people; It has been around since ancient times, and it can easily be created when colliding objects together in a pattern. As the world develops, so will music evolve, becoming more modern, more complex, and more artistic that only humans can enjoy. Today, when people want to enjoy music, they will find smart music players that are widely released on various platforms, one of which is Phonograph Music Player.

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Friendly interface, diverse, and vibrant with each user

Phonograph Music Player is proud to be one of the best music players, which not only based on its available features but also an outstanding development interface. Its interface is designed to be simple, not too complicated, but has all the necessary features for users to manipulate their songs. The interface will be divided into different categories, each of which has a specific use, but all of them will help the entire song of the user to be arranged in scale. Categories such as albums, artists, playlists, will be divided, thereby assisting the users to manipulate and listen to their favorite music. Of course, users can customize their playlists, and listen to them depending on the mood or want to share with friends.

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Scan your device for music

Phonograph Music Player is a free app, but it doesn’t support online music search, but that’s also why users can listen to music every time, everywhere. After installing the application, it will automatically scan the entire directory of the users for music, thereby listing the songs that are already available to the user. However, some songs will not have images, author names, and many other things, so that it does not provide the best experience when listening to music. But that can be changed thanks to the available features of the application. Even if users download audio files and place them in different places in the device, the app will scan and list them in one place. The home page will be where all the user’s songs are listed, and users can change their directory with a few simple steps.

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Easy to use, having the best music listening experience

Phonograph Music Player is designed with simple mechanisms, helping users to manipulate their songs more efficiently and have the best listening experience. While listening to music, the application automatically switches to a separate interface, with the music visualizer feature analyzed from the songs. Users can manipulate music such as rewinding, changing songs, or convert their playlist right on the music player interface with simple actions. Of course, the app will also display other information about the song, such as the artist’s name, avatar, and more. However, users have to manually install them, change their names, and also add what is needed.

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Provide Information Online

Many songs of the user may not contain complete information such as the artist name, the song information, or the accompanying image. But that is no longer a problem with this app as it automatically provides users with photos of the song, the artist’s name, and even the band’s name. In other words, the user can still rename the song, but the application will automatically search for the necessary information and default settings for them. Users can also change the color of the song, as a way to identify your favorite songs on the homepage and make the interface more beautiful or more vibrant. Supporting users with the necessary information about a song is what makes the application stand out, as it saves users the time to research and search for each song.

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Dynamic UI, Customize Your Interface

Phonograph Music Player is a smart music player, but its core lies in the specially designed interface that allows users to customize it. In other words, the application’s interface is carefully programmed, as the only thing that entices the user. The unique thing is that the application can work in the background or work in the notification bar of the device. Users will not need to access the app frequently to listen to music, but they can hide it and do other things comfortably. Users only need to use simple actions such as swipe, shake, right on the notification bar to transfer songs or playlists arbitrarily. In the user settings, the application also allows users to change the overall color of the application, even mix colors to create a new phenomenon.

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Phonograph Music Player is a simple music player; it simultaneously brought users the best listening experience, and gives them a completely different and new interface. It can be said that its interface is superior to other applications, and it can operate flexibly to help users save time to do other jobs.