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Exceptionally fast and easy to use, and capable of the highest quality touch up, it lets you improve your photos instantly, just by moving sliders. The software has been shown hundreds of examples of beautiful photographs of human faces, and using portrait pro 15 statistical techniques, it has learnt how to subtly enhance photographs to make them more beautiful. It is a painting program that will not require any artistic skill. All you have to do is identify some points on the photo — such as the corners of the eyes, and the edges of the lips — and the software then calculates how to make your subject look their absolute best. PortraitPro enhances portrait pro 15 in the same way that good lighting and perfect portrait pro 15 is used to make someone look more attractive.

PortraitPro 15 Launched

portrait pro 15

Fast and intuitive, PortraitPro intelligently enhances every aspect of a portrait for beautiful results. Detects the face, age and gender. Automatically retouches the photo with customizable presets.

Sliders to adjust the results. Make-up, relighting and face sculpting controls for complete creative control. Over , PortraitPro users around the world. Full makeup controls. Apply lipstick, eyeshadow, blusher and more with comprehensive and intuitive controls. Our most requested feature, the new makeup suite takes your portraits to a new level.

Correct lens distortion. Fix portraits taken with a wide-angled lens with a simple slider. Advanced skin coloring controls. Give skin a healthy, natural glow. Improved facial detection. Better mouth detection to speed up your workflow. High definition display. Mac Retina display support. What’s New: Choose from the most fashionable eyeliner styles.

A full spectrum of eyeshadow colors and shapes to choose from. Lipstick color and texture options for the look you want. The new Lens Correction slider fixes distortion caused by a wide-angle lens commonly known as selfie distortion , creating more natural-looking, flattering portraits.

Brand new skin coloring options allow you to intelligently correct for any lighting situation and give skin a healthy, natural glow. PortraitPro 15 incorporates innovative new technology to improve mouth detection for a faster, more automated editing process. All enhancements have been optimized to sensitively improve the portrait.

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The world’s best reviewed and most popular professional face beautification software now offers realistic makeup simulation and expanded creative functions. London, UK, September 17, Anthropics Technology Ltd has announced today the launch of PortraitPro v15 – a major. PortraitPro is the world’s best-selling retouching software. Fast and intuitive, PortraitPro edits your portrait photos for beautiful results.

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This software has been around for a while. See a review of the latest version of PortraitPro 15 and whether or not it’s for you. PortraitPro is the easiest and fastest way to re-touch portraits, June 15, PortraitPro is the world’s best-selling retouching software.

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