Race Master 3D v3.0.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Race Master 3D is an entertaining game combined with a fast-paced atmosphere created by the tension of real players in impressively designed tracks. The racetracks also carry many outstanding and extraordinary concepts, mixing fictional elements to make a difference from other games in its genre. Not only that, but the game’s graphics are also top-notch, perfectly optimized for players to have the best possible experience.

Race Master 3D – Car Racing


The first highlight of the Race Master is its unique design in the track, an exceptional combination of extreme flexibility with humorous yet straightforward obstacles. Of course, the player’s task is to reach the first place but must overcome countless challenges or dirty tricks from other racers. Also, it will have multiple game modes and a variety of tracks for everyone to have endless entertainment when racing with friends or relax through chaotic and dangerous races. Nevertheless, it will regularly update with more new tracks, with endless creativity and complex obstacles to challenge everyone’s skills.


The game’s control mechanism is special and outstanding; it also adopts the portrait mode style to create simplicity and let players enjoy the racing with just one finger. Depending on the player’s style, they can use slides or tilt the device to control the vehicle, dodging other players or randomly appearing and scattered obstacles. Players can also customize the control system to suit themselves and optimize the adaptation to each change and more.

Race Master 3D – Car Racing Race Master 3D – Car Racing

It will add a few special functions for players to achieve higher positions, like drift or nitro boost. Each has its use, typically nitro can be obtained through drifting or using items, and they will give the player breakthrough speed for a short time. The unique functions of each vehicle in the game are rich and full of humor, allowing players to perform entertaining moments to irritate their opponents and take first place in each race.


Race Master uses a unique concept to develop their races and events, so the vehicles in the game are impressive and come with a wide range of customization for the player. Each option will also change the vehicle’s skill, becoming more creative and dynamic when triggering other racers during sessions. Furthermore, the system will have many beautiful livery or skins, making the cars more gorgeous and attractive than ever.

Race Master 3D – Car Racing Race Master 3D – Car Racing


If players have enough fun with friends, they can create custom tracks thanks to Race Master’s flexible design system. That mechanism has always been widely used, and now there are thousands of distinct tracks that players can enjoy with friends over online sessions. As players design, their tracks are automatically updated into the system, and others can download and enjoy the unexpected fun inside them.

Race Master is a free and entertaining game where players can relax through special tracks with friends or tricky and professional racers. It also regularly update new things to enhance the gameplay, giving players more exploration in its chaotic yet fun gameplay.