RPG Sword of Elpisia v1.1.4g MOD APK (Unlimited Glowstone) Download

Welcome to the magical world called RPG Sword of Elpisia. This is one of the new games in the action role-playing genre, enjoying the new uniqueness of the mysterious magical world. The game combines new spells with modern gameplay that will make players feel like and enthusiastically received. Not only stopping there, but the game is also increasingly updated with perfect versions marking a new step forward. Let’s conquer exciting challenges in this game.

RPG Sword of Elpisia


In the mysterious world of Terra, a civilization thrives on magical tools. This development has brought many new breakthroughs, not only in terms of life but also in an extreme spiritual side. Followed by the strong development of many unique spells to make the world more and more flourishing. But besides that, it will also lead to many other consequences that we cannot foresee.

RPG Sword of Elpisia

Typically, Alice had to accept turning into a magic sword in the game RPG Sword of Elpisia in order to rescue her boyfriend, Aldo. This is not only difficult, but the consequences are also dire. Help her boyfriend, but the girl may not return to her original form forever. The struggle to eliminate the consequences of tool development has begun, and you will do it yourself. Save your girlfriend Alice and live a happy life.

RPG Sword of Elpisia


The war will open with thousands of challenges, big and small, each carrying an aspiration to approach the magical world closer and closer. Each level will be sorted from low to high, and going up; the difficulty will increase gradually and force us to be alert and wise to solve. RPG Sword of Elpisia will have help rights for you to use.

In each right to help will have to spend a certain amount of gold. Take advantage of the challenges to add to your bankroll a certain amount of gold. The game also allows you to explore different lands in the world and thereby also collect your own. Use precious swords to destroy untrustworthy elements, destroy customs, or the effects of magical tools.

RPG Sword of Elpisia


In the magical world RPG Sword of Elpisia, players will have for themselves an expensive card to protect us from fierce evil spirits. The card owner is allowed to use the sword to undo the effects of magic. The tools that come with you are even more diverse such as spears, spears, … and the most important thing is the god-given sword.

The game also uses unique pixel graphics, using realistic fantasy images that no other game can have. The unique sound combined with free play and the new style screen will make the game even more enjoyable.

RPG Sword of Elpisia

Through this, RPG Sword of Elpisia has taken players from one exciting to another. Unique features will take place in the game one after another, and the player has the right to change the situation compared to the original. Challenges will be given; experiences will help us conquer the magical world. Save your poor girlfriend and become a master at removing magical effects.