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The binary here is optimized for Pentium 4 processors but will run on other x86 processors as well and is linked with the minwcrt library so the exe file is smaller and does not require msvcrt. The function must use the stdcall calling convention and accept only one single parameter, a pointer to a character string as or a NULL pointer. If you e. The ZIP file also contains calldllw. This version is a much smaller exe file than e.

Additionally, because this version does not require msvcrt. Used to unmount a filesystem, load or eject e. Very useful if you want to use any object in Windows NT object namespace from ordinary Win32 applications. After removing such spyware Winsock APIs may fail for all applications because there are registry references to LSP modules that no longer exists. The enumproto simplifies the procedure of removing LSP modules from the chain and can run on Windows 95 with Winsock 2.

It does not work on Windows NT 4. The utility reads the version resource linked into the exe files and also displays which executable format the image is. Useful to split a large file to many floppies or CD: This is an old tool originally developed around Please be aware that there might be certain limitations in functionality, particularly when used on modern Windows versions.

Useful in batch files where you want to use chcp command to set the codepage to one of the system default. Useful if you for example want to create a bootable Windows installation CD with an integrated Service Pack and you want it to boot with the El Torito image from the original CD. Useful in batch files where you want the user to press a key to select something.

Useful to kill hung applications by giving window title. Moves files, possibly delay the actual move until next reboot if you want. Can be used to rename or remove files not movable while the system is running.

The eml files can be opened in most e-mail applications. This application supports clear text connections and clear text authentication only. Useful e. Requires Windows NT 4.

On Windows NT 4. For example useful to write a floppy image file on a hard disk to a physical floppy in Windows NT. From version 1. Version 1. Can e. This program does nothing when run in Win32s on Windows 3. Requires Windows XP, Server or later. For directories it shows total for all files in that directory, it uses backup privileges if avaiable to count all files, regardless of whether the current user can access them or not. It also shows compressed or sparse size rather than virtual size for such files.

This tool counts one file only once, even if there are several hard links to the same physical file. There is also an option to skip reparse points to let subdirectory search stay within one filesystem. It uses the same backup methods as the ntbackup or robocopy programs and thus backs up all information and meta data on an NTFS volume.

The main difference is that strarc is free and open source and produces stream archives you can store on tapes, disks or anywhere else or it can create the archive stream to stdout so that it can be compressed easily using stream compression tools like gzip or bzip2. It is now even possible to backup the registry database files of a running Windows system. An information file called strarc. The documentation is also available here. Weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

It is also possible to specify codepages to convert from and to, or to convert from or to bit Unicode UTF16 from or to a specific codepage. Automatically directs the query to the right whois server by using tables and following redirections.

Now updated to support the new. This tools copies files, directories even empty ones , all attributes, extended attributes, time stamps, security information including access permissions except in some cases owner and auditing information. The Windows NT 4. The development of this tool has now come to an end. It has several limitations, especially under newer Windows versions it lacks correct support for hard links, compression attribute, junction points, etc and it does not work at all under Windows NT version prior to 4.

I recommend all users of this tool to use the new strarc instead. If you previously typed xcopynt d: Small utilities with graphical user interface or with no user interface at all Works on all versions of Win32 unless the description says something else. This makes them run in all versions of Win32 without additional dll files. This is also the reason why the exe files are very small. Source for this library is available as part of the source archive mentioned in the top of this document.

Some other tools are linked to msvcrt. They are linked to msvcrt. They are linked to msvcr They are linked to vcruntime This tool requires Windows NT 4. It is written in Visual Basic 6 so if it does not work you probably don’t have the VB run-time environment installed. You can get it here. Particularly useful on Terminal Servers in cases where you want only one single application to run when user logs on and make sure the session is closed properly when that application is terminated.

Useful to log out the current user or shutdown or restart the system in the way you want. This program is useful if you have missed a “replace all”-function in the Registry Editor. The new version also supports remote operation on other computers on the network and selecting subkey where the search and replace should start. Download screenshot here 9. Displays correct version numbers up to Windows This includes settings up auto logon feature, logon dialog options and settings for Windows File Protection.

Operates on local and remote computers. Tested on Windows NT 3. A help file with some how-to instructions is included. Download screenshot here Limited functionality on later versions of Windows.

They require. NET Framework. Which particular version of. NET Framework each application requires is mentioned in the notes below. You can download and install. NET Framework from Microsoft’s website. NET Core versions are built for use with. NET Framework compiled Decodes or encodes data as base64 strings. NET Framework 4. Output is formatted in a way compatible with the GNU md5sum and sha1sum tools.

Requires either of. NET Framework 2. NET Framework compiled Utility to convert between various coordinate systems and calculate distances between points etc. There is also an online web version of this tool here. NET Framework compiled Small and simple tools to connect to POP3 servers, for instance to view e-mail headers or remove e-mail without downloading them pop3mgr.

NET Framework 3. NET Framework compiled Takes a mathematical formula as command line parameter and calculates result using variable values supplied on stdin.

Result is printed on stdout and, converted to integer, returned to calling process. NET Framework compiled Displays assembly references direct dependencies for. NET assemblies. Includes netcheck NET 2. NET 4. NET Core compiled A zip archive utility with several features.

The time command sets zip file timestamps to the timestamp of newest file within each zip archive.


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