Shadowblood v1.0.1200 MOD APK + OBB (Mega Menu) Download

Shadowblood belongs to the popular ARPG series like Diablo; players will experience the most intense and thrilling team battles.

Games belonging to the role-playing action genre are always the favorites of many players. It seems they have a certain attraction to the majority of the gaming community around the world. When listening to this genre, players will often think of the game series called Diablo, this is a series of ARPG hit genre before. But now a new game has been released and has inherited all the most quintessential of the previous brother. This game is called Shadowblood, this is a game of the same ARPG genre and is worthy for players to experience. The game was produced by UTPlus Interactive Inc, this is a little-known publisher but has a great game like the one above. The game will bring you eye-catching team fights, exciting, unique and thrilling experiences.

Shadowblood (MOD, GodMode)


Our story begins from a peaceful planet called Narr, this is an extremely beautiful place and received the protection of the ancient God Dragon Arcand.

The dragon god is the only god who defends this world, so he is very lonely. He has protected human safety for thousands of years in solitude. During those years, there was a question that “Who created me?”, this question haunted him in a long process. Then one day he decided to open the gate of space to summon the once who created him. But an unexpected incident occurred and as a result summoned the God Of The Dark Belzav. With his cruelty, Belzav has plotted to engulf the world in the eternal night, of course, the God Dragon Arcand could not let that happen. So the war between the two gods took place, after many years, the dragon god Arcand has found a way to destroy Belzav. It is to link the souls of the two together to seal once and for all. But Belzav was able to curse the dragon before the seal and God Dragon became evil and brutal. You will transform into one of the heroes named collectively Shadowblood to fight is to eliminate the curse for the God Dragon.

Shadowblood (MOD, GodMode)


Initially, you will be able to choose 1 of 5 character classes that are Assassin, Archer, Berserker, Mage, and Guardian to participate in the battle. Each class has different special abilities, different parameters, and you will be the one to make the best choice for yourself. To be able to play is easy but to master the fighting skills is very difficult. You will need to shell out a relatively long time to be able to do this. But once you do, the game will be a lot easier to play. Choose for yourself a character then join the journey to explore and fight in a dangerous world.

Shadowblood (MOD, GodMode)


The game has 2 main game modes, that is Campaign mode and Challenge mode, both modes have different unique elements. In Campaign mode, you will be playing the story of the game. There will be hundreds of different challenging levels with different Bosses for players to enjoy fighting. And in Challenge mode, players will be fighting with other players to overcome the difficult challenges of the game.

Shadowblood (MOD, GodMode)


Shadowblood will bring tons of great features for players to enjoy the experience.

Equipment & Abilities

Up to 5 different character classes, they will have their own set of 4 different skills. The skills will be unlocked when the player has reached the levels required by the game, besides, the player can also upgrade these skill sets by the skill points received when leveling up. In addition to the different skills, different characters will also have different equipment to enhance their fighting ability. Just like skills, the equipment can also be upgraded and there will be many different types of equipment for players to choose from.


The game allows players to invite another opponent who is also the same player as you to enter a solo match and fight against each other. This is something that few other games of the same type have had before.

Shadowblood (MOD, GodMode)


There are a 3D graphic format and a medieval feel, like bringing players back in the past. The stronghold here was built in the style of the Middle Ages but in a ghostly world full of gloom.


The game’s effects have been meticulously executed by the creative team, the characters’ movements are incredibly smooth. Sound is also a strong highlight of this game, it brings a gloomy feeling, stimulating the feeling of the player. So what are you waiting for without participating in the adventure of rescuing dragons and saving the world? Download “Shadowblood” right now.