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Sky Raptor is a shoot-em-up game with high-paced gameplay and uses sci-fi elements to bring players the most exciting battles across the galaxy. It also introduces more online mechanisms for people to participate in exciting activities, thereby winning handsome rewards to upgrade their spacecraft or enter the new potential of the universe. The infinity from war and exploration in this game is the most prominent point to become the player’s motivation to fight.

Sky Raptor: Space Shooter – Alien Galaxy Attack


While Sky Raptor is in the shoot-em-up genre, it has a new and unique way of being different from other games for players to enjoy its tense and vibrant atmosphere. Each skirmish revolves around many enemies, and the player must dodge everything or counterattack to survive. Many levels also require ridiculous goals but have generous rewards for players to grow stronger than ever. During the battle, players will also receive more power-ups, a small help to make them stronger and survive for a long time in each level of the galactic exploration campaign.


The player’s battle is endless and fierce, as each level or region in the galaxy has many new types of enemies, including bosses or hidden stages in every corner. However, they do open up new possibilities, including an upgrade system and story progression for players to unlock their potential to become stronger than ever. Not only does the diversity of enemies, but it also gives players many impressive discoveries about the universe and other dimensions through battles.

Sky Raptor: Space Shooter – Alien Galaxy Attack Sky Raptor: Space Shooter – Alien Galaxy Attack

The game focuses not only on developing diversity and richness in the universe but also on the missions and achievement system, which will make it an open world for players to adventure or fight. Each place contains many surprises and dangers; even the battles with bosses are full of tension and excitement for players to have the best experience. The game always succeeds in giving players a lot of new things based on their progress while letting them gradually research new technologies to progress further in the vast universe.

Sky Raptor: Space Shooter – Alien Galaxy Attack


Besides a vast universe, players can collect new spaceships along with many high-tech weapons along the way. Players can also obtain them through various system activities, including upgrade parts to make them stronger and more versatile in each battle. Furthermore, players can create a unique fighting style for each ship type, optimizing the upgrade system and their diverse interaction with the world.


Sky Raptor uses a top-notch graphics engine to sketch the battle and give players the most immersive experience of intergalactic combat. Moreover, the hitbox of the game is perfect, and even the boss designs are full of details to stimulate the player’s fighting ability, making them more flexible and have absolute focus. On top of that, everything is perfectly optimized, ensuring players still see where they are so they can dodge or kill enemies effectively.

Sky Raptor: Space Shooter – Alien Galaxy Attack

Sky Raptor’s perfect combination of many factors makes it’s potential endless for players to explore through intergalactic wars. It also applies a sci-fi style to the environment and spaceships, giving players a new take on the shoot-em-up genre.