Stay Focused v4.48.0 APK + MOD (Pro Pack Unlocked) Download

Forest: Stay Focused is a tool to help you focus on work & study. Completing the right amount of work, you will plant a green tree.

With the development of digital technology, computer electronics have become an indispensable item for humans. However, there is a worrying problem when people are too dependent on phones, computers. A utility application was born to overcome this phenomenon: Forest: Stay Focused with a lot of downloads recently. Eliminate effective addiction and increase the ability to work effectively.

Forest: Stay focused Forest: Stay focused


Do you have a habit of holding the phone to surf unconsciously or using it while working, delaying work on time? It’s too hard to focus right, work is rushing, deadlines, yet a text message or a voice call distract you from work. Especially with applications like Facebook or Instagram, you can not leave your phone for a moment. This app maker will help you not be distracted, be more productive, and especially help you get rid of the temptation of your phone. Turn off your phone by getting cute and productive focus. You will have a super lovely jungle.


To avoid boring users, the producer created a pretty reward by unlocking it with lovely trees. Every time you want to turn on the phone, the tree will appear. You will have to answer the question so that the tree grows, and you will have the whole garden from your own focus and commitment. When you download the main application, you will plant real trees for green life on the earth, trees for a green future, for a green life right on the application section.

Free android application. Especially when you exit the application, the trees will not die. With financial constraints, we have about 1 000 000 trees grown in the world with this application. Increase the efficiency of competition between users; the more focused you are, the more high scores you can read and the corresponding tree trees in the world. With the green of the tree to relax your eyes, feel comfortable right on the application part.

Forest – applications available for android and tablet operating systems and for all android-based machines. It’s easy to experience with our app, see how much your work progress or daily focus is and improve your focus.


It was voted the best app of 2015-2016 on google play. 2018 was chosen by voting as the best app of the editors, the best social impact app. Best friendly in 9 countries Canada, Mexico, France, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand. It is excellent, right. By the votes that users themselves have proved somewhat based on the voting criteria, we bring users different conveniences.

Start by changing your focus habits with forest stay focused. Improve work efficiency, avoid distractions for unnecessary work. Add to that is the green space for the environment that you build yourself. Do not hesitate any longer without immediately downloading the forest application for your phone to experience many other conveniences that new users feel.