Storyngton Hall v39.2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) Download for Android

Storyngton Hall (MOD, Unlimited Stars) is for ladies in puzzle challenges, interior design, transformed into a presenter.

If the modern world is too boring for many people, let’s go back to the past to return to the Regency period to experience. This is one of the golden periods of many European countries; in this period, there are many exciting things for you to explore. The game will bring players to this period is Storyngton Hall – a puzzle game. Players coming to the game will experience a lot of interesting things for players to experience. Players will discover the story of the middle ages and experience the life of the upper class. This will be an experience you will never forget, players can freely enjoy it.

Storyngton Hall (MOD, Unlimited Stars)

Match Three & Decorate a House

Players will be playing the most powerful woman in this country and the owner of a ballroom. When you step into the hall, you see that everyone’s gazes are focused on you to observe your every move. Every girl tries to be friends to be able to become a celebrity. As for the boys, they are ready to fight to become the fist of dance with you tonight. But until today, she still has not found her true love, and this is her purpose today. But the story of the game will not go so boring, but everything will become more enjoyable when you meet the guy of your life. And a series of interesting events occur after that; players will have to experience an exciting love story to be able to become the happiest person.

Storyngton Hall (MOD, Unlimited Stars)

Interact with others

During your game, players need to meet and interact with many other characters in the game to learn the story. Players will be able to talk with them to know, but interesting facts are happening in the game. Many different people are appearing in the player’s story so you can interact with them. Players will have to talk a lot with those people to be able to understand the story that the game offers for players to explore. The best player should not press the skip button because if you do that, it will be impossible to understand what is happening in the game.

Storyngton Hall (MOD, Unlimited Stars)

Decorate your house

The player is a celebrity and owns a mansion; this place is vast, with lots of different areas for players to decorate. Players can first decorate the interior of this mansion to make it more gorgeous. Players will be able to choose among many different designs that the game offers to decorate your hall. Players use their creative minds to be able to create a mansion of their own.

Storyngton Hall (MOD, Unlimited Stars)

Play match-3 to answer the game

Each time the player wants to decorate the mansion, buy costumes, the player will play a match-3 minigame to get what you want. You have to bring three gems that have the same color together to make them explode. Players can also match 4 pieces of the same color to form an item. This item will be something that will help users a lot in different cases so that players can achieve their goals.