Strelok Pro v6.2.4 APK – Download for Android

Strelok Pro is a practical application related to the grid database. This is an extremely convenient measurement application that supports a lot of things in life. At the same time, it helps users measure accurately without fear of mistakes and helps users save more time, fast, and extremely easy to use. This is really a very modern tool full of high-tech features to serve users best. Let’s experience this.

Strelok Pro Strelok Pro


Strelok Pro will provide you with a complete and extensive list of faces for you to choose from. The cartridge of the application has a database up to 3226, in addition to the excellent G7 ballistic coefficients with a bullet database of 1184 + 400. G1 and G7 are used very intelligently through ballistic computers, and custom drag functions are also fully utilized.

Besides, the ballistic computer can also use Lapua radar data incredibly perfectly. This application can accurately calculate the trajectory without using any ballistic coefficients, which is also one of the most advanced functions it has. It will participate in data support and support with a very high density, thus helping the user more during the use of the application. For gyros, this application can, through its preeminent functions, accurately calculate the spin, coefficient, and deviation of the gyros, which is extremely useful. Another feature that makes this app famous is the Coriolis effect calculation.


For this application, we will provide users with support on all aspects related to measurement and calculation. Here is the best that we can help users. For phones with built-in Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0 or above, the application will assist you in Skywatch. Also, with Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0 or above systems, you will be supported with weather measurement via Bluetooth and even family 5.00. Also with Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0 and above, you will be supported for environmental data recording via Kestrel DROP. Especially Weatherflow WEATHERmeter is absolutely and effectively supported by the powerful system for you when you are using Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0 or above systems. With the help of advanced WINDF Weatherflow, the trajectory is traced and verified either through the ball’s speed or through the ball’s coefficient.


With a hand-held cell phone, you can easily measure your camera’s tilt angle, from which you can know the exact angle of study. Finding and grasping information related to weather issues will be easily grasped through this application. For different devices, you can use Dropbox or google drive to make your data storage simpler while also backing up and syncing devices easily, avoid unwanted data loss or misplacement. The application provides you with a huge list of goals. From this list, you can choose arbitrary goals and do not have to think too hard. And above all, since 2007, Strelok Pro has been proven to be extremely accurate and accurate, which makes our team even more proud.


You want to calculate the effects of Coriolis and weather on the internet, extremely simple when you only need access to GPS. You want to get in touch with the mobile weather station, use your Bluetooth to access it. If you’re going to measure the exact slope angle of the phone camera, please access the camera. You want to download the Lapua pull function along with the internet weather; you need to be connected to the internet. You need access to the microphone and the data set to communicate with Weatherflow WINDmeter and install the app easily. Note that this Weatherflow WINDmeter doesn’t have Bluetooth set up.

Above are the most useful things that Strelok Pro brings to users. There are still a lot of other features and uses that the application provides you. Just download and experience the tool. We believe that you will never feel disappointed with the offers from the system, hoping that we will always receive support from users, positive reviews, and feedback. The users’ wishes and requests will always be listened to, understood, and overcome by us. And Finally, hope will be a reliable companion.