Talking Translator v2.1.5 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

An intelligent person is a person who knows how to fit in. Do you already know how to fit in a multilingual environment? Talking Translator will help you do that. With more than 100 languages ​​for you to translate, now you can freely communicate with people of other languages ​​without worrying about language barriers. With the attractive and unique features of the application, translation is now straightforward and convenient.

Talking Translator Talking Translator


Talking Translator is an excellent translation tool with tons of unique and attractive features that you can’t ignore. Now communicating and conveying messages and voices between different languages ​​has become extremely easy. The translation will no longer be complicated and cumbersome because, with this application, you are allowed to use voice to translate easily.

Are you traveling, on business, or simply chatting with others in a multilingual environment? With this instant voice translator app, you can confidently convey your voice and build the best relationships possible without worrying about language barriers.


With the “Shared View” feature with essential relationships around you as partners, they will appreciate you respecting the conversation you have for them. The app is incredibly responsive and translates everything in just 1 second! Even if the internet connection is unstable, the app will still recognize your voice and translate instantly. You can also review your previous statements using speech recognition history.

Can’t read a particular language? It’s okay; you can handwrite and type in the app; it will provide handwritten text translation just for you. With more than 100 languages ​​in this application, you can translate into any language even if it is not popular. Not only translation, but the application also provides many other attractive features. In addition to features such as interpret, copy, favorite, or share, Talking Translator also provides a highly convenient feature to communicate with someone at a distance, which is the zoom feature.

Talking Translator Talking Translator


Sometimes after a conversation, whether it’s normal or essential, you go back through the history, and there are interesting or essential sentences; please star them! Sometimes that will be very important to you, and the app is also an excellent to-do memo from time to time. The application is a great assistant that helps you in minor things. You don’t know the letters, you can speak. You can’t read. You can type. Or even if you don’t know how to type, the app allows you to write down how you see them. This is a very convenient and easy application.

The interface of Talking Translator is designed to be very simple, suitable for any person. But your style is not limited because you can customize your favorite colors for the application. The application has been updated and fixed the minor bugs of the previous version to bring perfection to you so that the application can work more smoothly and efficiently.

When you know this application, from now on, you have a companion and a practical assistant on your smart device. Any language will not make it difficult for you anymore. Talking Translator will also bring special effects that you did not expect when fully utilized.