Team SIX – Armored Troops v1.2.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Points) Download

Team SIX – Armored Troops is an engaging control game on a massive scale. This is a favorite shooting-action game genre in the world. With the features it brings, players have had the opportunity to fight with many different weapons. This helps many players enjoy and be impressed with it from the first time. You will become a talented controller after experiencing and discovering all the new things in this game.

Team SIX – Armored Troops


This is a reconnaissance unit with the most active search and support feature for the air force. In addition, it is also called a basic and most popular unit in the game. Call on tanks and helicopters to join and fight.


It can be said that this is the most potent unit in the game. It can destroy tanks and bombard enemy aircraft with the most excellent ease with a single shot. This has reduced a lot of effort and saved quite a lot of time.

Team SIX – Armored Troops


To destroy the enemy easier than ever, you should use the sniper method to shoot longer and be able to destroy the enemy through just one light shot. You can apply it when fighting on the battlefield with all different objects.


You cannot lack medicine and antiseptic equipment during the battle. It is a tool to help you deal with and heal wounds while hitting enemies. You can use it to save the lives of many of your teammates.

Team SIX – Armored Troops


To have a safe base for soldiers to live and rest, you need to upgrade the facility and repair a full accommodation for your soldiers. Make sure to provide them with enough food to eat and the necessary equipment. Besides, they can also use many different weapons to serve the battle process.

Team SIX – Armored Troops


This is a unit that has a function to help you find and clear mines. Most of the battlefields will have minefields, so you need to take precautions at all times to avoid cases of hitting mines under your feet. That would be very dangerous to his life. Because of that, you need to be careful in everything when performing the task.