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An RPG game with straightforward gameplay and one-handed control is Tiny Fantasy. Players will control characters who work together through different levels and confront an awe-inspiring number of enemies. At the same time, during the game, you will also spend time upgrading these characters’ power to optimize skills and unlock new skills.

Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game


When you experience the first level in Tiny Fantasy, you will fully grasp the entertaining and easy ways to play. This element comes from the way the player controls their character. Specifically, you will not need to control the main character with many buttons, but just one touch and swipe to the direction you want to move. When encountering an enemy, your character will automatically attack without you having to give a command.

Such gameplay is similar to Archero games when you will be able to control the character with one hand but still complete multiple levels simultaneously. From there, you will spend time optimizing your control and gradually overcome many different challenges. In addition, the character will have a particular skill that can be used when the user taps the screen to perform. In other words, you can choose when to use it yourself.

Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game


In Tiny Fantasy, players will participate in different levels and gain a certain amount of experience that you can easily see. This experience is to level up in the level and help you acquire skills that can only be used at that game stage. In other words, each time you experience, you will have a skill system to choose and optimize the strength of the main character you are controlling.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given one of three skills that appear before you, and you will need to consider choosing the right skill. It is primarily passive skills that increase the characters’ strength in addition to the special skills they possess. At the same time, the reception will take place periodically, and you will have yourself an impressive number of skills. Of course, the selection sometimes also needs to be calculated to link this skill together in a completely reasonable way.

Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game Tiny Fantasy: Epic Action Adventure RPG game


In Tiny Fantasy, players need to distinguish two types of characters are Heros and Followers. You will be the manual control of these Heroes, and the first character you get in the game is Arthur, who can swing his sword to deal damage around. At the same time, followers will support you in the match and are controlled automatically. The maximum number in that one team is 1 Hero and 3 Followers that you will gradually unlock.

Unlocking Heroes or Followers takes a long time, and upgrading them also takes a lot of time. For Heros, upgrading is necessary because you can increase the number of stats for them to confront powerful enemies later. They are also characters with a locked skill tree that only unlocks when you reach a certain level. In addition, you also need to take care of your supporter because they will help you in many cases.