True Skate v1.5.40 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) Download

True Skate will be the door for players to discover all the legendary arts and techniques of skateboarding through interactive and fascinating gameplay.

A skating game with enjoyable gameplay and opening up exciting environments for players to explore and show off their skills is True Skate. Players will spend time making combos to perform in the game through the challenges posed and the information they receive. In addition, the game also possesses many attractive environments with different characteristics so that players can freely move in them.


Indeed, when you see the game’s name, you will know what kind of environment you will enter. You’ll be able to move inside a skateboard-specific climate and take the time to explore what’s possible inside the game. Therefore, True Skate allows you to experience what you want and have the opportunity to express yourself through handling the different terrains in the game.

The environment feature is designed to be similar to the real-life setting, and anyone knows the reason. Players will experience the skills they can do inside this game, but it is a long process to increase their skills. At the same time, another factor that should be mentioned is the variety of terrain and different environmental factors, so you can flip through them to show a combo.


In True Skate, players will enter the environment with the properties mentioned above and spend time experiencing the elements that they can do. Specifically, you will find a way to get used to the standard way of moving and the manipulations that you can do in this game. Actions need to be done correctly to avoid your performance crashing or stopping midway when the skateboard flips upside down.

That completely upside down will need to be resolved immediately, putting your skateboard back to its normal position and continuing your level. At the same time, you can realize that if you have any problems, you can continue your level. In other words, the player will continue their level until they get the combo they want in the environment without being stopped by the narrative problem.

This element is sure to be one that any player will love. They will not feel too much pressure from having to complete a specific goal and freely experience the game in their way. At the same time, it’s an opportunity for players to discover what they can do through combos and be curious about the possibilities that can happen when they flip through some of the game’s unique environmental elements, such as stairs or bars on which they can slide.


Besides the element of self-experience, players will certainly not ignore the challenging element that they can find in the game. Challenging will sometimes be the way for players to complete their combos and improve control skills. Therefore, it is always necessary to challenge themselves because they will feel the urge to accomplish the essential things. At the same time, it is also perfectly suitable for beginner players.

There will be a tutorial level where you will learn about each skill required with precise pieces of information provided. After reading them, it is your job to try to complete the challenge. The requirements in True Skate are evident on the left side of the screen, and you will know your completion progress during the game. At the same time, when you complete a specific combo, whether you achieve it or not will be notified immediately.


The environment in True Skate is perfectly suitable for players to perform skateboard performances as they will have different heights and characteristics. One thing is for sure; they will not be utterly flat that players will need to consider. At the same time, they will also spend a lot of time exploiting all that they can do with the elements in an environment. At that time, players will also start to get bored with the essential background that the game brings.

Besides the primary environment, the game also offers many other environments in packs that players will purchase. Each environment has more exciting and characteristic features that players will explore. When you come to a new environment, you will repeat what you did in the old domain and are free to find what you can do. Those are also experiences where players will challenge themselves.