Tuscany Villa v1.20.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download for Android

Tuscany Villa is a good game and will be very suitable for those passionate about interior design mixed with the puzzle genre. Owning a first-class and luxurious 5-star hotel must be the dream of many people, but it sounds pretty far away because you don’t have enough money to do it. But don’t worry, coming to this game, you will be satisfied with your desire by becoming the owner of a large hotel, and your job is to repair and decorate to make it more spacious.


Sounds interesting, right? Tuscany Villa will take you to a small city called Tuscany. Because it is a place that is not too noisy and bustling like the city, this place is always an ideal place for people to relax after a long tiring day at work or simply go on a weekend getaway. The atmosphere in this city is very fresh and airy, and you will also feel the peace when you stop here. Entering this game, you will play as Laura, a dynamic, excellent city girl with many outstanding achievements at university and successfully graduated with a degree in design. She decided to build her fortune in this lavish metropolis.

But also coincidentally, one day Laura received a letter from her grandmother about her giving her a special gift for her birthday. She asked her to return to Tuscany, where her family now lives. Especially her family has a hotel and wants her back to take it over. Leaving everything in the city, she decided to return home and start a new journey with this exciting new job.


In the past, Laura’s family hotel was very successful and famous, and many people came to visit when they arrived in this city. It seemed that it would be like that forever, but not after a busy time with too many activities, the hotel has increasingly deteriorated. And now it has almost become an abandoned place because there is no one, the tourists leave one after another because they feel unsatisfied. Now, your mission is quite essential when it comes to repairing and turning the hotel back to its heyday. Use your knack for design and make the whole family proud.

Because all the furniture in the hotel is too old and no longer keeps up with current trends, you have to change everything. To re-shop, as you like, you need to have stars by earning through match-3 levels. The gameplay is also quite similar to other traditional games, so it is not too difficult for those just starting to play it. Your job is to drag the blocks on a board so that they form a horizontal or vertical row of 3 or more blocks of the same shape. At this point, they will explode, and you will receive points that can be converted into money to buy necessary items. Later on, the tasks are given more and more complicated, and you have to be agile to be able to overcome them.


In addition to decorating the hotel, you can also do some other activities such as inviting friends to visit your place if you have more money and can afford to spend it all. Alternatively, you can also host parties at your hotel, invite Tuscany’s most famous chefs to take that opportunity to impress guests, and have them promote your hotel to more people. This will make you feel like you are an actual owner.

Another notable feature is the game’s graphics. It can be said that the graphics are designed to look very realistic, attractive, and the colors are eye-catching to help you enjoy the game most comfortably. The sound effects when participating in the match-3 game are also very lively and exciting. You are now almost immersed in this beautiful city of Tuscany.

Enjoy the exciting story and get to work making your hotel more stunning than ever. Tuscany Villa will be a perfect choice for you at times when you want to relax or simply entertain. So what are you waiting for without experiencing the game to get yourself the best moments with this game?