Unfortunately samsung keyboard has stopped working

Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped!!!!! As per the recent scenario, Samsung has been undergone various apps in order to fix various bugs encountered at the time of usage. Surprisingly, this might be a common error taking place on Android smartphones. But not a big deal.

unfortunately android keyboard has stopped FIX

unfortunately samsung keyboard has stopped working

So how do you fix it? This tutorial shows you how! This is a good thing in my opinion as it can be controlled and developed separately. You can also replace the default keyboard with third party ones like Swiftkey.

As it is a separate app, it also has a separate process which is also a good thing. It means you can restart it and even replace it without affecting the rest of your phone. Restart your device A reboot is always the first thing to try whenever a device goes wrong. It resets everything and drops all processes and files in memory and begins again. Navigate to Settings and Apps.

Select System apps if you need to. Select Gboard or Google Keyboard. Select Force Stop. The exact name of the keyboard app depends on your version of Android. Yours may differ. As long as you are looking at system apps, you should be able to see your keyboard app. Reset keyboard app settings If you have been messing around with your phone or have recently installed a new language pack or app, your settings could have been messed up.

Navigate to Settings and Language and Keyboard. Select the default keyboard and default language to the correct settings. Or select Reset settings if it all looks okay. A quick retest of the keyboard should tell you if it worked or not. This drops any files being held in memory or ready for access by memory when the keyboard app is used. By clearing the cache you force the device to reload the cache from scratch.

Select Storage and then Clear Cache. Again, your keyboard app could be called something different, same as above. Update the device Occasionally, a faulty update can cause apps to crash or to error. This could be one of those times. Connect your device to a wireless or 4G network and open Google Play Store. Update all apps that have updates available. See if there are any core updates for Android too.

It tells me when the last update was. Other phones will likely have something similar. Replace or reinstall the keyboard app If none of the preceding steps work you have two options. You can remove the original keyboard app or replace it with a third party keyboard. To replace the keyboard app: Open the Google Play Store. Download and install it onto your device. To reinstall the keyboard app: Select Uninstall and then reboot your phone.

You will be prompted to select a default keyboard, select Gboard or Google Keyboard. Allow your device to download and reinstall the app. If none of those steps work, there is something more serious going on. You may have no alternative than to perform a full factory reset. This will delete all your data and settings so back up your phone before you do it.

Tell us about them below if you do!

Part 2: One click to make Samsung keyboard work again

If your Samsung keyboard has stopped working, you’ll not be able to use apps like Samsung camera failed, “unfortunately app has stopped”, Android stuck on. The issue “Samsung keyboard has stopped” is both easy and hard to fix. Easy when.

VIDEO: Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Working

Unfortunately, clearing the app data only works temporarily. The ‘Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped.’ message comes back after a. Some users are saying that they are getting this message user gets “ Unfortunately, Android Keyboard Has Stopped” when trying to enter the.

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