Videoleap by Lightricks v1.0.9 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download

Videoleap by Lightricks is a tool to help you create Hollywood-class videos. Completely free experience with tons of unique effects.

A video editing application that possesses many basic and specific features to meet the editing desires of users is Videoleap by Lightricks. Your editing will be wholly guaranteed because the number of functions spans many different factors, such as editing content, adding colors, or adding any video in the original video. Therefore, all stages require careful attention from the player.

Videoleap by Lightricks. Official Android release! Videoleap by Lightricks. Official Android release!


In the latest version of the application, users can find many new functions added to facilitate and optimize their editing. At the same time, these functions are unique and suitable for those capable of editing videos and images. Some parts such as multi-layer editing help you add more elements, green screens, interesting transitions that make videos more unique, and many more are waiting for you to discover.


When you start Videoleap by Lightricks, it will experience the essential functions, but it will take time to master and use them in a completely creative way. You can select the best of multiple videos and wrap them up in a single video. Functions such as cutting, pasting, position adjustment, and many other factors will be completely effective in such roles. In addition, users can manually adjust the recording elements in the video.

When you add any video, you will need to consider the fit for the frame and the aspect ratio you are choosing. Also, depending on your creativity, you can drag some elements to make them bigger or shrink them into an area you’ve specified. It is suitable for coordinating certain positions of the elements you have added and editing the effect accordingly. But sometimes it also causes specific difficulties because there is a lot of work to do.

Videoleap by Lightricks. Official Android release! Videoleap by Lightricks. Official Android release!


In Videoleap by Lightricks, users will fully find adjustment elements in color levels, effects, and filters. These are the elements that will give your video a new look. As for color, you can adjust related factors such as video brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. But in most cases, this element has been optimized during video recording, which only partially helps make the video more beautiful.

When it comes to effects and filters, anyone will need to take the time to explore them. These elements have many different types of effects and filters that they will need to experiment with first. Anyone will experience what this app can do from time to time, and if, in that case, the functionality is too challenging to learn, then the tutorials are also a beneficial thing to find. Therefore, arranging them in different positions of the layers also gives different results.


One element that anyone can’t overlook is the different typefaces you can add to your videos, thanks to Videoleap by Lightricks. It isn’t a completely new feature, but it’s something you might consider adding. Specifically, they can help you remind some content related to your video, and sometimes they are also some keywords that you want to convey to viewers. They always have a variety of designs for you to choose from.

The sound element is also something that you cannot ignore in this application, and on the layer, you can add any sound you want. In other words, things like length, the sound level will need to be checked to make sure it matches the elements in the video and doesn’t cause discomfort to the listener. So all functions contribute to a cinematic work that you can create yourself with this application.


Once you’ve mastered the essential functions in Videoleap by Lightricks, you’ll need to take advantage of the more advanced features to create an awe-inspiring video. You can change the background of the video entirely freely. Specifically, you can easily find the above video tutorial and the steps you follow are completely simple. When adding these backgrounds, one point to note is that if they obscure the main character in the video, you need to reduce their intensity.

In addition, some functions can move in terms of location if you give it a landmark. This milestone is wholly understood as a change related to a specific function. For example, in Videoleap by Lightricks, a process creates an area similar to a green screen to help add another video or image to the current video. If you want to change the position of the added video, create multiple shuttles corresponding to the number of changes of this element.