Vimu Media Player for TV v9.06 APK

Vimu Media Player for TV is a support media player for Android TV and Google TV devices. Allows users to watch any content they want with a high-quality picture and sound format: MP4, DIVX, JPEG,… The application helps users optimize their TV most innovatively.

Vimu Media Player for TV


Navigate, search, and playback from UPnP/DLNA servers, WebDAV, NFS, and other network protocols. Allows users to edit, convert audio tracks in multilingual files on multiple devices. Stream AC3, EAC3, DTS on Android TV to the receiver quickly Stream and interact directly with audiences over HTTP/HTTPS sources. Vimu Media Player can recover images, audio from SD memory card, USB drive, and internal memory,…

Vimu Media Player for TV

Turn on subtitles to enjoy watching foreign movies. Enjoy great moments with this media player. Watch videos in HD quality with a widescreen. Adjust the sound, screen quality,… Provide all the information about the video or movie you are watching from the author, actor, country,…


Simple driver and easy to control, it allows you to use it without understanding all the buttons and keys. With just one press of the play button on the screen, you can enjoy great work. In addition, you can also pre-schedule and order your favorite movies, and the player will automatically play those movies in the order you arrange.

Vimu Media Player for TV


In addition to the above features, the application has now updated users with other new features such as adding gray color to the subtitle palette, adding more audio formats to the converter, and reducing waiting time when searching. Search to save users more time, upgrade, improve, and fix bugs in the UI.

Vimu Media Player for TV

This is a multilingual player, so there are always a lot of different languages ​​for you to choose from, such as English, Russian,…The app is only compatible with official Android TV and Google TV devices, not supported for other phone and tablet devices. With this player, users can review any video they want; with an easy-to-use interface, flexible control keys, users do not need to spend too much time learning about it and still have usability.