Waves complete 2016

Comms first officer J. Boehm with his A Schroter, reports in from Japan. Mike M. One of my favorites so far.

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waves complete 2016

Comms first officer J. Boehm with his A Schroter, reports in from Japan. Mike M. One of my favorites so far. So good to see Type-Bs and Minimalists in the mix. A photo posted by Alvin Lew alvin. TiGr5 unit departures began 11Jan, next wave starts: As of today, ground operations has pressure-tested some units without a single failure and have released these to the fulfillment team. We will dispatch tracking intel from crew reduxwatch.

Some of the TiGr2 crew reported that their spam filters trapped these emails, so keep an eye out in a few days. Leave no man behind and all that. In short, the color will morph darker and more gray-blue over time as you wear and take the COURG out into the field.

One thing I wish I had done is take periodic photos to document the oxidation. I assume that at some point the oxidation process stops. Then of course, the converse, for our COURGcrew military personnel deployed to Kuwait and desert regions, I wonder if the oxidation will form more slowly. As you likely know, titanium is extremely corrosion resistant. From my limited understanding of titanium composition, the oxidation forms a protective layer.

Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. Tutorials Incoming There have been a lot of requests for advice about how to trim the ballistic nylon and how exactly to wear the mil-strap among others. Stay tuned! There is some expected variability in the accuracy of automatic movements.

Automatic movements will also have a period of settling in, where the oil that lubricates the gears and such distribute. That said, many COURGcrew have timed their movements and found theirs to be much more accurate than the spec. Communications plans: Urgent vs.

Maybe some just joined for the insane price point. Only time will tell if that was a wise decision on my part. I apologize if you feel unheard. Over the next week, I plan to select an e-commerce solution that will enable me to integrate these efforts. That company on Alibaba produced samples for us in the early stages of our development. When our field agents inspected the facilities and did some due diligence on them, there were all sorts of red flags: They resisted factory inspections, and then when they relented, we soon found out why: NOT dust-free like it should be.

They do not have their own office it appears they rent a desk or something to have an address When we sent the sample for evaluation, the materials they had claimed as titanium and sapphire turned out to be fake. They promised certain standards would be met and then could not verify how they would achieve them In the end, when it was clear that we could not trust them with production of thousands of watches for our COURG backers, we asked them to return the molds.

We paid for these molds, and own them, and have a right to reclaim. They refused and ceased communications. Roughly a month ago or so, I noticed this company repeatedly opened my emails again suddenly. I wrote it off, but felt that was a bad omen. I suspected they might pull some slim shady action, but since it was out of my control I let it go. There really is no recourse at this point. I assumed that fakes would appear, but had no idea it would be so soon.

The most offensive part of this is that they ripped off our marketing material straight off our assets, and used our photography. Our backers joined the adventure to help create an original, and we have. Thank you for your loyalty, for your trust, and for believing in us.

Tackle your missions, and Godspeed. Read more.

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Featuring bit support, faster scanning, faster loading, and faster processing, Waves Version 9 opens up new dimensions of high. Guys, maybe you could help me out this time. Trying to install the Waves R2R release on a fresh Win10/Ableton system for testing.

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