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Software Windows 7 N: The ‘N’ editions windows 7 n version Stumbling on to Microsoft’s UK Web store could thrust you face to face with three unusual versions of Windows — the ‘N’ editions. We explain what they are and why they exist By Nate Lanxon Windows 7 n version 20, 9: The strong arm of European law demands Microsoft offer these confusing ‘N’ editions, but to understand what they are and why they exist at all, we need a little history lesson.

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windows 7 n version

Posted on by guenni [ German ]Just a brief note: This is required for certain features in Windows Advertising This time it went quite fast — Microsoft has already made the Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N available for download on its servers before the broader rollout of Windows 10 October Update.

What is Windows 10 N? Windows N is the version of the operating system without media player and media functions. It has been offered by Microsoft under pressure from the EU competition authorities for years. N stands for no media features.

Also for Windows 10 there is a so-called N-variant — Windows 10 KN is a reduced version developed for Korea without media features. Usually, it is students or other users who at some point will be able to purchase a Windows 10 N installation at a reasonable price. Who needs the Media Feature Pack and why? If someone uses a Windows 10 N, the media functions are missing. Without the media features that are missing in Windows 10 N, there are more limitations.

Apps with media play back features Groove Music, Video app etc. This Microsoft site lists further functional limitations of the Windows 10 N version. Only by installing the Media Feature Pack are the missing functions retrofitted and it is, for example, possible to import photos or display PDF documents again. Where can I get the Media Feature Pack? The problem is that after each feature upgrade you need the appropriate version of the Media Feature Pack for the build.

Currently only the English version is offered to me. Then select the downloaded file with a double click and install it. At the latest after a restart of the system the media functions should be available.

What is Windows 10 N?

Stumbling on to Microsoft’s UK Web store could thrust you face to face with three unusual versions of Windows — the ‘N’ editions. We explain. Windows 7, a major release of the Microsoft Windows operating system, was available in six different editions: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium.

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Microsoft distributes special “N” editions of Windows in Europe and “KN” editions of Windows in Korea. These are the same as the standard. Having a N or KN edition of Windows 10 means you’re missing some and purchase a PC in a country required to use the N and KN editions.

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