Windows 8 all versions

See our Windows definition for information about Microsoft Windows including all versions of Windows windows 8 all versions the history of Windows. Type winver in the text field and press Enter. Windows 7 and earlier Click Startusually found in the lower left corner of the windows 8 all versions desktop screen. Click the Run or Search field, type winver, and press Enter. An About Windows window will open and display the version of Microsoft Windows, the build info, and service pack information, if any service pack is installed.

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windows 8 all versions

Definition of: Windows versions Windows versions Following is a brief summary of the client versions of Windows a Windows client is a user’s PC running Windows. See Windows 10 S. Windows 10 – MS Version 6. See Windows See Windows 8. Windows 7 – MS Version 6. Windows 7 greatly improved stability over Vista. See Windows 7.

Windows Vista – MS Version 6. Windows Server was the server counterpart. See Windows Server See Windows XP. Windows – MS Version 5. It added numerous enhancements including Plug and Play and Active Directory. Windows came in one workstation and three server versions. Introduced during the reign of Windows 3.

In , Windows NT 4. See Windows NT. See Windows ME. Windows 98 – MS Version 4. In , Windows 98 Second Edition fixed numerous bugs and upgraded its applications. See Windows 98 and Windows Second Edition.

Windows 95 – MS Version 4. It used an entirely different user interface that incorporated the now-common Start menu and Taskbar. It was also the first time the computer booted directly into Windows, rather than being loaded after booting up in DOS.

Windows 3. It evolved into Windows for Workgroups Version 3. See Windows 3. Windows 2. Windows was becoming more useful, and a handful of companies adopted it as an operating environment. See Windows 2. Windows 1. It was rarely used.

See Windows 1.

Windows RT

Microsoft offers four main versions of Windows 8, but you’ll probably want only Each version in the table contains all the features of the versions preceding it. Microsoft aims for a simpler approach to computing with Windows 8, and that simpler Like all versions of Windows 8, Windows RT includes a desktop, but that.

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Windows RT will come with special touch-oriented versions of Microsoft Word, ( This is not a comprehensive list of all Windows 8 features.). There’s no doubt about it, a lot changed in Windows 8/ compared to Windows 7 and previous versions of the Windows operating system. Here’s a look at all.

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