Windows 8 phone features

Windows Phone 8. Top eight new features Windows Phone 8. The event also saw the unveiling of the Windows 8. Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone 8.

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windows 8 phone features

What is Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8. What are the features of Windows Phone 8. For information about the features available in Windows Phone 8. When will the Windows Phone 8. If your device is running Windows Phone 8, you’ll receive a notification on your device when the update is available for you to install.

Devices running 7. If your device is running Windows Phone 7. To find devices that are currently running Windows Phone 8 or higher, visit the Windows Phone page in Shop. Where can I learn more about Cortana, the virtual personal assistant in Windows Phone 8. Refer to the Windows Phone website to learn more about the features and capabilities of Cortana.

Windows Phone 8 What is Windows Phone 8? What are the features of Windows Phone 8? Will Windows Phone 8 be available for all Windows Phone devices?

Devices running on 7. What do the notification bar icons on my Windows Phone 8 device mean? For more information about the icons on your Windows Phone 8 device, refer to the Windows Phone website. Windows 10 Mobile What is Windows 10 Mobile?

Windows 10 Mobile is the latest mobile OS version created by Microsoft. What are the features of Windows 10 Mobile? When will the Windows 10 mobile update be available for my Windows Phone device?

How do I update my phone to Windows 10 Mobile? To learn how to update your device, go to the Windows 10 Mobile Software Update page. Nokia is a trademark of Nokia Corporation or Microsoft Corporation and their respective affiliates.

All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

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Simplified porting of Windows 8 apps to Windows Phone 8 (compatibility with Windows 8 “Modern UI” apps); Remote device. “Microsoft talks Windows Phone 7 features, native code, multi-tasking and update process”. MobileTechWorld. Retrieved July 24,

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Features[edit]. Windows Phone introduces a host of notable new features, most of which were unveiled in a preview released to. Microsoft’s much-awaited Windows Phone update has been unveiled, and we take a look at some top new features.

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