Winked – Spark the Romance v0.1.6 MOD APK (Premium Choices/Outfits) Download

If you are looking for a love story, then Winked – Spark the Romance is definitely the game you need to download. It brings an entirely different experience compared to other games of the same genre. Players will play a girl who is looking for her love through an online dating app called Winked. Which man will be your future, the love story is getting more and more complicated, and many exciting situations are constantly happening to you.

Winked – Spark the Romance


Players will be able to write their own love stories that they often dream of. First, choose for yourself an appearance that you like. You can be a weak girl with a slim appearance or a strong girl with brown skin and curly hair. Or, you can also be a sexy girl with a body that is regularly worked out at the gym. In general, appearance is an essential thing in these dating games.

Everything in this game is much easier than in real life. In fact, no matter what look you choose, you are a gorgeous girl yourself. With this advantage, players can easily approach many different guys. They all have perfect sympathy for you, so the love story of the two will quickly progress. For many people, this is also an excellent opportunity to experience feelings they have never had.

Winked – Spark the Romance Winked – Spark the Romance


Winked becomes different from other games of the same genre because it is not directed at complicated dramas in love. For games like this, sometimes an innocent relationship quickly turns into a false one. Maybe it’s an affair, or maybe it’s a love affair with vampires… in general, with dramas like that, it will attract players. However, those who are seriously wanting to be loved are actually quite disappointing.

In this game, people’s form of love also becomes a bit different. To keep up with the times, online love has become much more popular. You can start getting to know a guy for yourself on a private dating app. It works almost like Tinder with the familiar match mechanism. As long as you like someone, you can swipe right and put them on the waiting list. Only when they both swipe each other’s pictures do they start talking to each other.


After matching, two people are moved to a separate inbox and start texting each other. Basically, the conversation will revolve around personal interests, each other’s characteristics, and a formal meeting. Two people can spend a bit more time texting and getting to know each other before meeting in person. Or both of you can quickly make an appointment to find out in person. Each person has their own approach.

The boys in this game are also exciting, including a handsome billionaire, a charming social media star, a tall basketball player,… Different types of people from society will be programmed in the game for players to experience in turn. Maybe you will come across a guy with an attractive appearance but an immature personality, or maybe a person who will bring happiness to your life.