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From Wondershare Software: Transferring apps, contacts, media and text messages is easier now. If you think that getting stuff from your old mobile to your new mobile is difficult, think again. Cellular companies tend to only transfer contacts between phones and leave out the call logs, music, text messages, pictures, apps and the wondershare mobile share.

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wondershare mobile share

Publisher Description Ship Shape I have always wondered if there was an Android app that could keep all of the other apps from chewing on the power cables…err, I mean eating up my phone’s precious resources. I never imagined I would find it while looking for a desktop phone management tool. Quite the synchronicity, don’t you think? Leaving it aside, MobileGo for Android is one of those precious tools you need to keep your phone fit physically and “mentally”.

Master Merger The outstanding thing about MobileGo is that it has almost nothing special about it. First things first. Both ways work great. Once you start exploring you’ll notice two large areas of interest, Devices and Online Resources. The SMS screen lets you write and read new messages in real time and the Contact screen allows you to fully edit each contact.

Online Resources is a collection of favorite web addresses. There are only a few but you can add any address you wish. Selecting one will open it with the included browser and whenever you download something from there, MobileGo’s download manager will take over and transfer it to your phone in the relevant location i.

The main functions of MobileGo are grouped in the Toolkit screen. From there you can backup, restore and use some other tools for importing and exporting.

A very cool tool is the “De-duplicate” button. Pressing it will bring up a wizard that helps you remove contact duplicates in an elegant fashion. At first it will collect app data and show you the accounts that may be linked to a contact list Facebook or WhatsApp , including the phone list itself. You will be presented next with a report and get to choose each duplicate’s fate.

Once you pick your favorites you can select from a short match type list to filter your results. Be careful though when merging contacts across separate accounts. I never did that because firstly, it seems pointless and secondly, my intuition tells me not to.

Still, if you check just one account then you’ll have a pretty accurate representation of what really needs to be merged.

Features Web download manager and installer — It keeps everything organized in tabs and is easy to manage. De-duplicate — Excellent option if you need to do some clean-up in your contact list. Playlist organizer — You can organize the music into playlists.

The wireless connection requires the app called MobileGo. I know it has the same name but one is a desktop app and the other’s an Android app. Besides working as a connection tool, MobileGo fro Android has some perks of its own. But that’s another story. Pros De-duplicating is like spring cleaning for your phone.

Connecting devices is done effortlessly The backup process works just fine Cons Downloads sometimes do not work Conclusion MobileGo is not being original in any way but it does what is needed and does it well. The people at Wondershare set out to build a solid device manager and they succeeded.

A more convenient way to manage the files on your device

Wondershare MobileGo latest version: Centralize Managing your Mobile Lifestyle . Smartphones and mobile devices are growing more and more complex with incredible amounts of Manage your smartphone with Android Transfer for free!. As Wondershare MobileTrans is compatible with Android, iOS and Symbian to move and begin the transfer process (It is worth noting that the trial version does Looking for the Mac version of Wondershare Mobile Trans?.

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Wondershare MobileGo is a feature packed mobile management tool of your phone to your PC, and you can transfer content to your phone*. Wondershare MobileTrans latest version: Transfer Content from Between lets you transfer content between iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and also less.

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